Laotian transvestite, Iranian tourist brawl in Pattaya

A TRANSVESTITE from Laos who patted the bottom of a young Iranian man triggered a brawl on Pattaya’s Walking Street yesterday during which the Iranian tourist was hit on the head, Thai News Agency reported today (March 22).

The transvestite later shared a video clip of the scuffle on social media with this attracting a lot of comments. In this video clip 2-3 transvestites are chasing the foreign tourist with a stick and the accompanying caption says: “Rule #1 when in a foreign country show respect and stay out of the way. This dude just got this head cracked wide open!”

Pattaya scuffle

Pol Col Piyapong Aensarn, Pattaya Tourist Police investigator, said the fight took place at around 4.30 a.m. yesterday with the Walking Street patrol police rushing to check the fracas at My Way bar.

There they found that the transvestite, Mr Vithoune Latday, 29, a Laotian, was slightly injured on an arm while the Iranian, Mr Mohammad  Masih Makhmali, 35, was injured on his head.

Pol Col Piyapong said questioning revealed that the Iranian tourist had gone to buy lozenges at the point of  clash and Vithoune patted him which angered the tourist and triggered a fight.

As both sides stubbornly would not yield, they were taken to Pattaya police station where they were charged with using force to harm others but not to the level of physical or mental injury. Both were fined 500 baht each.


Top: The Laotian transvestite and Iranian tourist at the police station. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: A still from the video of the brawl. Photo: Thai News Agency