Out with the old, In with the new! Burger King opens its first branch in Asia

Bangkok, 27th January 2021 – Burger King launched Asia’s first all-new store the Shell Westgate Branch’ with the first rebranding of the logo in 20 years. The theme includes new cartoon lines, colors, concepts, staff uniforms and etc, in line with new designs in various branches internationally. This store comes with a drive-through service that serves deliciousness without getting out of your car. In addition, Burger King also welcomes the Valentine festival of love with “Black and Pink Burgers”, the special delicious duo. These limited menus are scheduled to be on sale only from 2 – 28 February at all Burger King branches.



Burger King Thailand has also adopted this change, including interior design, to suit the new look, updating the classic image of Burger King. This will be the first branch in Asia showcasing the full refresh, and is located on Kanchanapisek Road, Nonthaburi Province as a standalone branch, also with drive-through service available for customers who visit by car or motorcycle. The new branch will be open from 29th January 2021 onwards.

The new store opening marks the beginning of a tremendous company transformation. In addition to the image refresh and introduction of the new logo, Burger King Thai will also change staff uniforms, packaging, social media communications, as well as various marketing assets. Burger King expects that this change will not only attract social media attention but also pave the way for Thai Burger King to expand its customer base to a wider range of new customers, especially teenagers and college students who are the main social media users. Furthermore, Burger King plans to continue expanding and expects to open many more stores than last year.







Burger King also welcomes the festival of love this February with the launch of its latest “Black and Pink Burgers”, a delicious duo. One is Black Double Grilled Onion Burger, two of Burger King’s succulent grilled patties with its special sauce, for the singles for only 149 Baht, and another is Pink Salmon Burger with a salmon fillet that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside topped with thick cheese and special rich sauce for the lovers for only 89 Baht. The romantic duo will be available throughout February at every Burger King branch.




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