ASIA CAB Unveiled “CABB EV” Tech to Pioneer Launching First Ever Thai EV Taxi Ready for Service in 2022, Destined to Elevate Public Transport in Thailand

Asia Cab, the manufacturer and operator of CABB, the new service taxi in the signature style of London cabs offering premium service, high level of hygiene, convenience and users’ confidence, has recently launched CABB EV, the first EV taxi prototype all made by Thais at the EV 100 Roadshow and UK-Thailand Smart City workshop. The Company aims to set the new standard for Thai public transport system, while seeking to reduce air pollution. The new CABB EV will be readily available for service in 2022 and is scheduled for export worldwide.

Mr. Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai, Director of Asia Cab Co., Ltd., revealed that the EV 100 Roadshow and UK-Thailand Smart City workshop was held by the British embassy in Bangkok specially to promote the use of low-carbon electronic vehicles as a key part of building smart cities. The event invited British leading companies to showcase electric vehicle technologies from the U.K. The exhibition also includes the CABB EV prototype from Asia Cab, to show the potential of Thai innovators in transforming the combustion engine to electronic vehicles which is destined to shape Thailand’s public transport system towards an international standard and environmentally friendly one.

“The CABB EV is a 100% electric vehicle, capable of travelling 300 km per one time charge. The vehicle is the prototypes of a classic and unique London cab currently under the research and development so that it lightweight and battery does not affect the actual use. The Company aims to complete CABB EV development to be ready for service in 2022, starting in Bangkok and its vicinity. It plans to manufacture 1,200 cars per year and export to overseas as well,” revealed Mr. Suradech.

Mr. Suradech further added that vehicles are known as the major cause of carbon emissions in the air. Therefore, by developing CABB EV electric taxi, Asia Cab is on its mission to elevate the standard of Thailand’s public transportation system to be more environment-friendly and allow Thai people to breathe fresher air. The initiative also resonates to the Thai government’s goal for 100% Zero Emission Vehicle by 2035.

CABB stands out as Thailand’s one and only spacious cab that comes with five leather seats and is equipped with safety belts for every passenger. CABB model includes a partition screen between the passengers and the driver, whom can be communicated via an intercom to accommodate most privacy and comfort for passengers. The temperature can also be separately adjusted on both sides. Another outstanding feature is a ramp for wheelchair access, to make it convenient for people with mobility challenges, along with multiple interior handles, located on 7 spots within the cabin. There are USB charging stations and free Wi-Fi available free during the trip. For the utmost safety, there’s an internal CAMERA (Snap shot), an SOS emergency button and GPS tracker.

Cashless Payment can be done via debit card, credit card or mobile banking to minimize personal contact. Passengers can easily call the service through 3 channels: 1) CABB Application 2) CABB Call Center 02-0268888 3) CABB Stand or service points in leading department stores throughout Bangkok.