Book a Bangkok Hotel Near BTS Silom for Greater Convenience

For travelers making a trip to Bangkok on business, you should book a hotel that puts you close to where your business meetings are held, and affords you access to the rapid transit systems of the city. Booking a Bangkok hotel near the BTS Silom station satisfies both of these requirements.

By booking a hotel near the BTS, you can travel anywhere in the city quickly and easily. The BTS Skytrain is the full name of this system, but most Bangkok residents refer to it only by the letters ‘BTS’. The BTS is the oldest rapid transit rail system in the city, but still modern in its operation. It’s interconnected with the newest rapid transit system in Bangkok, which is called the MRT.

 Bangkok’s Rapid Transit Systems Make Travel Easy

By making use of both of these systems from your Bangkok hotel near the BTS Silom station, visitors can reach most parts of central Bangkok quickly and comfortably. For world-class shopping, entertainment and restaurants, and most of the business offices of multinational companies, the BTS and MRT are the only transit systems you may need on your trip to Bangkok.

But both of these transit systems are also interconnected with the Airport Express rail link. The Airport Express serves Suvarnabhumi Airport, meaning you can arrive and depart from your Bangkok hotel near BTS Silom without ever having to brave Bangkok’s notorious traffic.

 Silom is the Heart of the Business District

The fact that your hotel is in the Silom district of the city means that you may not even need to rely on these transit systems to attend your meetings. The Silom district, as well as the next-door Sathorn district of Bangkok, together constitute the central business and finance hubs of the city.

Your Bangkok hotel near BTS Silom will be just a short walk from the towering skyscrapers of commerce that dominate the skyline in this area of town. Being in this part of the city also provides many choices of restaurants and bars when the day’s business is done, and it’s time to celebrate a business deal with your clients or colleagues.

With so many office workers in the surrounding skyscrapers, the Silom district spoiled for choices when it comes to restaurants. The district has many first-class restaurants as well as cafes and lunch spots featuring both Thai and international cuisines.

 Oldest City Park in Bangkok

The Silom district is also home to the oldest and most famous city park in the city, Lumpini Park. The wide, meandering lanes amid mature trees and central lake in the middle of the park make this favourite spot for city residents to exercise, cycle and rent a paddleboat for a spin on the lake. It’s open to anyone to enjoy, and it offers a welcome escape from the urban, concrete landscape.

Booking a Bangkok hotel near BTS Silom places you in a perfect spot for business, but it’s also a great place to bring your family when you visit the city to see all the attractions and sights of Bangkok. On your next trip to Bangkok, enjoy the convenience a hotel in the Silom area can provide.


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