Book a Hotel in Silom, Bangkok to Explore All Areas of the City

By booking a hotel in Silom, Bangkok, you’ll be staying in the heart of the city and near the newest public transportation systems. The Silom district of Bangkok is also part of the city’s financial district, as well as having many dining, shopping, entertainment, and cultural sites to visit. 

But it’s the proximity to the financial district that has made the area a hub of both the BTS Skytrain and the MRT rail transit systems of Bangkok. Each of these quick, modern, and air-conditioned systems can whisk you to Bangkok’s attractions in ease and comfort. 

Staying at a centrally-located hotel in Silom, Bangkok, means that you can get up in the morning and decide whether you want to head north or south to see the most famous sights and attractions in the city easily and quickly. 

Bangkok is a huge metropolis that extends outward from the city centre for many kilometres and is home to over 8-million people. Yet many tourists are delighted by the number of attractions within an approximately 10-15-kilometre radius of the Silom area. These attractions include historical, architectural, and popular sights, and they can fill up your visit with days of sightseeing. 

 Exploring Northern Bangkok

By taking either the BTS Skytrain or the MRT northward from your hotel in Silom, Bangkok, it’s just a short trip to the main shopping, dining, and entertainment area of the city on Sukhumvit Road. Beginning in Siam Square, with all of its funky-chic shops that are well-worth discovering, Sukhumvit Road extends eastward across the city and has its own BTS Skytrain line running the length of Sukhumvit. 

This area has most of the upscale shopping malls featuring famous brand-name goods, some of the best restaurants in town, and a lot of Bangkok’s best nightclubs and hotspots. If your interests run to sampling the best in shopping, dining, and entertainment, the Sukumvit area should be high on your list of destinations. 

But by staying on the BTS Skytrain from your hotel in Silom, Bangkok, you can also access the world-famous Chatuchak Weekend Market in Chatuchak Park. This is the place to find handicrafts, souvenirs, silk cloths, and other mementos of Thailand at bargain prices. 

 See the Sights Along the Chao Phrya River

Head south a couple of stops on the BTS Skytrain from your hotel in Silom, Bangkok, and you’ll soon discover the Chao Phrya River. Hop off the BTS at Saphan Taksin station and walk down the stairs to Sathorn Pier. There are water taxis that offer tourist fares that allow you to ride up and down the river for the price of one ticket, getting on and off at all the sights along the river. 

This area along the river is the most historic section of old Bangkok. You can tour the Grand Palace, five of the most ancient and iconic Buddhist temples in the city, and take a walk around Chinatown with all its colour and vibrancy. 

By staying at a centrally located hotel in Silom, Bangkok, you’ll be able to cross off the sights and attractions from your Bangkok bucket list in no time and make the most of your visit to the capital city of Thailand.