Booking a Hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok Makes Sense for Business or Pleasure

Bangkok is a vast metropolis that is home to over ten million people. For first time visitors to the capital city of Thailand, booking your hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok, makes perfect sense, whether your visiting for business or pleasure.

Because Bangkok is so expansive and confusing for first-time visitors, you want to book a hotel that makes it easier to accomplish the things you came to the city to do. And the Sathorn area of the city is the ideal location.

Convenient for Business

The Sathorn area of the city is the hub of Bangkok’s financial and commercial area. If you’re a business traveler who works for one of the many multi-national companies based in Bangkok, booking a hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok helps ease your daily commute into your office.

Bangkok is notorious for the daily traffic jams and congestion that always occur during rush hour. By booking your hotel in the Sathorn area, you’ll have a short and easy commute into your office, and be able to make the most of your time in town on business.

The area also is home to many bars, cafés and restaurants that are perfect for entertaining clients, or unwinding with colleagues after the workday has ended. The unique character of the city means that the business area is not just skyscrapers full of offices. It has residential areas, charming alleys and small streets, and plenty of entertainment options as well.

You can walk out of your office building or hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok and within minutes be seated at any number of restaurants offering both Thai and international food. Making the most of your time is important in business, and the Sathorn area is ideal for taking care of your social obligations along with work duties.

Options for Pleasure Travelers

But booking a hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok also presents you with many options in getting around the city as well, if you’re visiting for pleasure and sightseeing.

Bangkok has two main rapid transit systems, the BTS Skytrain and the MRT. They both are interconnected, and both have stations in the Sathorn area of the city. They both offer fast and comfortable access to all of the areas that are popular with tourists.

The BTS Skytrain also connects with the water taxi service traveling up and down the Chao Phraya River. The water taxis provide a tourist pass. This all-day ticket enables the visitor to travel up and down the river, hopping on and off at various piers along the way. It’s the perfect mode of transport to visit such Bangkok landmarks as the Grand Palace, Wat Po, the Temple of the Dawn and other attractions along the river.

By booking a hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok, both business and pleasure travelers will make their visits easier and get more done while they’re in town. It’s the ideal solution for first-time visitors to the city, and a not-so-secret tip that seasoned travelers know and take advantage of when they’re in town.


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