Brand New Khaosarn Road planned to open in August

Bangkok’s famous nightlife attraction has received new renovations planning to reopen in August of this year. The budget set for the renovation is at 48 Million THB. Skontee Pattiyakul deputy governor of Bangkok went to inspect the road to see how far the renovations have gone. Khaosarn is almost 100% complete with a few minor areas requiring repair. This includes tile repairs and the removal of telephone booths that are no longer in use. Orders have been given to the construction company to complete all repairs before the opening date. Officials will be keeping a close eye on vehicles parking in the area, as many end up damaging the road and poles.


The Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning has installed more poles to help protect against illegal parking along with more traffic signs. This includes stop signs, speed limit signs, and more. Khet Phra Nakhon District in cooperation with the Department of Drainage and Sewerage to reinstall the road drainage system in the area to protect against flooding in the future. Skontee revealed that most people who visit Khaosarn Road are tourists. The government has not yet opened the nation to tourism so the road is silent right now. There are no sellers on the road at the moment. Phra Nakhon will be choosing sellers and businesses allowed on Khaosarn Road. The plan right now is to reopen within August of this year. 


Rambuttri Road and Tani Road in the Banglamphu area will also be renovated to match Khaosarn Road. These new renovations are currently in the design process and the search for a contractor. Roads nearby the touristy areas will have more trees intended as a relaxation spot for tourists in the future. Bangkok will now be more organized and more welcoming for local and international tourists. The complete renovation of the Banglamphu area is expected to complete in February of next year. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Khaosarn is now more organized and ready for tourists. 


Source: Sanook