Central Embassy celebrates the “Chinese New Year 2022” event

Central Embassy welcomes the Chinese New Year. As this year coincides with Central Embassy’s 8th anniversary, it is launching  the “Central Embassy Chinese New Year 2022: Leap into the Year of the Tiger with a streak of fortune” campaign, offering happiness and special promotions to customers, with a total value of over 4 million baht (subject to conditions) from 25 JAN ’22 – 28 FEB ’22. Also, Central Embassy has joined the government’s economic stimulation campaign, “Shop Dee Mee Kuen” (Shop and Payback) from now until 15 FEB ’22 in order to help Thailand’s economy recover as quickly as possible.

The atmosphere in the event is full of joy and various auspicious activities to give our customers’ luck a little boost under the concept ‘The Union of 8 Fortune Tigers’, a story that tells the gathering of 8 auspicious tigers that represent the enhancement of life and prosperity throughout the year. Among them is the world’s biggest ‘Fortune Tiger’ statue that stands at 6 metres, a symbol of the almighty and successful, which creates excitement for customers and visitors in front of the shopping centre from 25 JAN ’22 – 13 FEB ’22.

For the first time, meet our 8 auspicious tigers that generate propitious energy in the eight realms with the belief that they help to enhance us with prosperity including: enhanced reputation from the ‘Ruby Red Bengal Tiger’, enhanced intelligence from the ‘Han Blue Snow Leopard’, empowered family happiness from the ‘Jade Green Siberian Tiger’, empowered health from the ‘Golden Yellow Cheetah’, improved success in life from the ‘Mandarin Orange Leopard’, enhanced auspiciousness of love from the ‘Pink Peony Jaguar’, enhanced prosperity from the ‘Han Purple South China Tiger’ and strengthened protection and reconciliation from the ‘Golden Brown Sumatran Tiger’. Meet all of the 8 fortune tigers at the parade offering blessings to customers throughout the shopping centre on 29 – 30 JAN ’22 and 1 FEB ’22, 2 appearances per day from 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 – 5:30 p.m.


Another highlight that should not be missed is the “Tigers’ cave” that connects Central Embassy to Central Chidlom and is decorated with fabric and tiger graphics throughout the walkway. Customers can find their stripes, take a walk on the chill side & get their insta-worthy shots here.

Continue your happy journey with the Chinese New Year 2022 activities on Level 5 including Digital Chinese fortune telling at the Chi-Chi Stick Booth x Mutaeworld. Customers can scan the QR Code and have their fortune predicted for free every day. Discover the many gifts, Chinese lucky charms and many other products at the China Town Market zone from 25 JAN ’22 – 6 FEB ’22 between 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Take part in the writing of auspicious Chinese characters with the Chinese calligraphy workshop with teacher Kengoui Saeheng between 29-31 JAN ’22 and on 1 FEB ’22 between 12.00 – 5:00 p.m. (service available upon presentation of your receipt from purchases or dining of 3,000 baht or more and limited to 1 seat/1 reward).

            Come by OPEN HOUSE on Level 6 with your kids to create their own traditional toy by joining our Chinese Toy Workshop from 29 JAN ’22 – 1 FEB ’22 between 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Bring your loved ones to celebrate the season of love with the ‘Love Is Love OPEN Market’ for those who are looking for gifts on Valentine’s Day from 10-14 FEB ’22 between 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Apart from the fun activities, Eathai on Level LG also offers lots of delicious dishes exclusively for this Chinese New Year Festival, such as the ‘Stir fried Vermicelli with Water Mimosa’ from Eau – Hua Suki, the ‘Herbal Duck Noodles’ from Hea-Meng duck noodles, the ‘Chicken Rice’ from Kaomunkai Pratunam, and the ‘Garlic and chive dumplings’ from Kuichai-Khummae. In the midst of a bustling and fun atmosphere you will be greeted by ‘Pae Yim’ who will be giving ‘ang pao’ (red envelopes) to customers enjoying the Chinese Zither (Guzheng) performance on 25 JAN ‘22, the 29 and 30 JAN ’22 and on 1 FEB ’22 between 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

A not-to-be-missed special offer for shoppers and foodies only on 1 FEB ‘22, win a chance to receive a voucher valued at 100 baht with every 300 baht purchase of food & beverages (limited quantity). Enjoy delectable Chinese dishes from Eathai and plenty of fun-filled activities from today – 1 FEB ‘22 in the safety of our COVID-19 prepared shopping mall


where extra care and consideration is given to its customers’ needs to ensure confidence and maximum safety.

On this auspicious occasion, Central Embassy also offers special promotions. Customers will receive gift vouchers or dining vouchers, cash back and gifts, with a total value of over 4 million baht (subject to conditions). T1 credit card holders will receive special privileges with a total value of over 88,000 baht or receive special offers from participating credit cards.

Furthermore, there will be a 1 Day special promotion on 1 FEB ‘22 where customers will receive a Central Embassy voucher valued at 3,000 baht when shopping in the category of Luxury products up to 30,000 baht/receipt (limited to 80 rewards) or receive a Central Embassy voucher valued at 500 baht when shopping in the category of street and lifestyle products up to 5,000 baht/receipt (limited to 80 rewards).

Special privileges for The 1 credit card holders including The black, Black, and Luxe will be able to enjoy shopping during the ‘Weekend Super Burn’ promotion held every first Saturday and Sunday of the month where they will receive a Central voucher with up to 30% added value of the points they redeem. Exclusively for the top three spenders with the highest spending amount of 1 million baht or more, they will also receive a Central Group Magic Gift card valued at 80,000 baht, and on top of that, the spender with the highest amount of purchases will receive an additional lucky tiger painting valued at 100,000 baht painted by the artist Puttipong Pratnavanich.

Exclusive for members of The Embassy Club and Central Diamond Society, the 3 top spenders with the highest spending amount of 2 million baht, will receive a 0.97 carat diamond ring from Blue River, valued at 103,000 baht (limited to 1 reward), a Givenchy Small 4G Bag Padded Leather in Lilac, valued at 66,000 baht and limited to 2 rewards with those being the only two in Thailand, and receive an additional Central Embassy voucher valued at over 50,000 baht when shopping (subject to conditions and limited to 18 rewards).

            Enjoy delectable Chinese dishes and special privileges from participating restaurants. Customers will receive free vouchers with a total value of over 1,100 baht with any dining purchases (subject to conditions and limited to 2,350 rewards). Be in chance to win free gifts with a total value of over 164,000 baht when spending over 3,000 baht (limited to 7 rewards) including a dining voucher for 4 seats from The Table By Chef’s Pam, POTONG Chef’s Tasting , Hong Bao, Muteki By Mukendi (subject to conditions). If you’re paying by card, explore the special privileges including receiving up to 22% privilege from participating credit cards or 0% instalment up to 6-months and receive a set of ‘Ang Pao’ envelopes exclusively for the first 50 members of The Embassy Club and Central Diamond Society. General customers will also

receive an ‘Ang Pao’ envelope set with any purchase when showing their receipt at the Concierge, G floor.

Also, Central Embassy has joined the government’s economic stimulation campaign, “Shop Dee Mee Kuen” (Shop and Payback) in order to help Thailand’s economy recover as quickly as possible. Customers can now receive up to 30,000 THB tax reduction until 15 FEB ’22 (conditions are in accordance with government regulations).