Enter the Nitro Program for Knowledge and Practical Experience

Taking a course that concentrates on teaching you only the theory of your particular interest provides you with only half the education you need to make a career out of whatever you’re studying. You need to gain practical experience as well. And that’s what Forward School’s Nitro Program provides to its students. 

Forward School offers a comprehensive course in software engineering that focuses on the theories and practices behind modern software programming, product development and entrepreneurship. Then it takes the educational process a step further by providing a real-world atmosphere where students can take what they’ve learned and put it to use in an actual technology business environment with companies that are Forward School’s hiring partners. 

The benefits of this program are enormous. Not only does the student gain more confidence in their abilities, but they get used to practicing their emerging skills in a professional environment that demands only the best. 


Future Careers Are Guaranteed

Practically every aspect of our lives these days is controlled somehow by software. Software plays a part in the cars we drive, the planes flying overhead, the clothes we wear, the food we eat and, by the improved diagnostic tools it provides to doctors, our health. 

A career in software provides many opportunities to get involved in improving the areas in which you’re most interested. And that’s what makes it so fascinating and inviting as a career. It’s the chance to make a difference, to change the world with a single good idea. 

But visionaries can soon become discouraged when they graduate from school and find the real world is not what they imagined. Doors don’t swing open, and business owners don’t welcome you warmly just because of a good idea. 

You need to prove you have all the skills needed to function and excel in a professional, high-pressure environment. And that’s why the Nitro Program can be so important to the future careers of eager students. 


Providing a Sense of Balance to Your Education

These days, most professional careers are a combination of the theoretical and the practical. Professionals use the theory they’ve learned to define and understand a problem and a combination of theory and practical knowledge to come up with an elegant solution. 

Recent graduates only enter the job market with half of the skills and experience they need to make a difference. They may become confused and disillusioned by the fast pace of a real-world environment. They may feel underappreciated, and this can cause them to question their own abilities.

Forward School provides an educational program that focuses just as much on preparing students for a real-world career as it does in educating them about the theoretical aspects of software programming and development. 

Students who’ve graduated from this program have more confidence and are better prepared for the marked difference between the classroom and professional life. 

For more details about the software engineering program and the NitroDegree offered by Forward School, please log in to our website. Set up a free account, and ask us any question you like. You’ll learn more about the benefits of an education from Forward School.