FTI and Messe Düsseldorf Asia muster 200 tech companies to showcase Thailand’s readiness

Bangkok, 20 October 2022: The Federation of Thai Industry (FTI), together with Messe Düsseldorf Asia, Thai Printing Association, Thai Packaging Association and the Thai Corrugated Packaging Association are hosting a major international exhibition in Asia of printing, packaging and corrugated card, “Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022”. The trade show will highlight innovation in the world of the future from over 200 major companies based in 28 countries, and this will enable entrepreneurs from many industries to deploy the latest innovations to gain a competitive edge. Efforts are also underway to level up printing, packaging and corrugated card manufacturing to better comply with carbon-neutral policies, which cater to environmentally-conscious consumers. There are also many growth opportunities for operators of these industries based in Asia, considered the largest market of all three industries. Interested parties are invited to participate in this important trade exhibition which will run from today until 22 October in Hall 100-101 of BITEC Bangna.

Mr Kriengkrai Thiennukul, Chairman of The Federation of Thai Industries, said that printing, packaging and corrugated card industries are often critical for a wide range of industries. They can both provide incentives to purchase a product in the market and maintain product quality, while they are also a vital tool for both SMEs and large enterprises. As a result, there must be continuous development. In Thailand at the present time, there are a large number of tech developers and business service providers in all three industries in terms of both quality and quantity. Thailand is a market leader in Southeast Asia as there are strong industry clusters which are recognized for their production quality meeting the needs of many sectors. There are also Integrated service providers which keep up with global trends. These advantages are critical for many operators to enter the growing market.

Mr Kriengkrai added that as the entire world was returning to normal business operations, FTI had set targets to upgrade the competitiveness of Thai printing, packaging and corrugated card. As well as improving manufacturing and services to be appropriate for each industry in ASEAN countries, there is also a goal for operators to get into the wider Asian market, and global markets. For Asia in particular, there is a bright future in terms of spending power from rapid urbanization, such as in India, China, Vietnam. There are critical new segments with purchasing power such as Generation Z, the environmentally conscious, and consumers who value the convenience of e-commerce channels. There is a mission to promote manufacturing and services which are appropriate to behaviours which have been transformed by the public health crisis. Around the world, consumers are seeking trustworthiness, zero environmental impact, smart solutions and experiences offering value for money. Then there is new environmental regulation and legislation impacting operators worldwide.

“Many of Thailand’s trade partner countries around the world are giving priority to carbon neutrality policies. These are a great opportunity requiring major adjustment for manufacturers of packaging and corrugated card, and printing developers. It is stated that 80% of consumers make decisions to purchase or use products which are friendly to the environment, despite the higher price. However, it is necessary to prepare operations and make the policy adjustments necessary to give a competitive edge to all three industries on the global stage. This is in tandem with setting clear guidelines, pertinent standards, essential know-how for operators and key performance indicators for industry developers to attain their objectives. The Federation of Thai Industries is urgently promoting all of these developments to both achieve government policy goals and fulfil the intentions of relevant parties around the world.”

Mr Kriengkrai went on to say that besides carbon neutrality policies, FTI was partnering with Messe Düsseldorf Asia, Thai Printing Association, Thai Packaging Association and the Thai Corrugated Packaging Association to provide a space for Thai operators and tech developers in all three industries from around the world to gather at Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022, a major international trade exhibition of printing, packaging and corrugated card which has been held in Asia for over 20 years. The aim is for operators in the printing, packaging and corrugated guard supply chains to realise the priority of deploying more innovation. It is also to instill confidence among foreigners in government policy to support the economy, such as promoting industries of the future, innovation cities and networks, the promotion of investment, and the BCG economic model. Participating companies are also being encouraged to choose the innovations which meet their needs from 200 companies who have travelled from 28 countries worldwide. Such technologies include AI, big data, autonomous systems, safety, digital, extending product longevity and care for the environment.

Mr Gernot Ringling, Managing Director, Messe Düsseldorf Asia, said that economic recovery, and for Asia and Thailand in particular, is now returning to normal. This is driving growth in demand for packaging, printing and corrugated card. As well as the environment, it is expected that growth at the Asian level will be in new directions for Thai operators to adapt their businesses as follows:

  • Printing: It is forecast that printing will grow at an annual rate of 26.1% between 2022 and 2030. The key factors are not only printed media, but also the burgeoning sectors of garment manufacturing, e-commerce, home décor, advertising, packaging, and even photography and software systems which have significantly advanced printing technology. The vital markets in Asia are China, India and Japan. The factors enabling growth in these markets are new technology, creative ideas and the continuing progress of the Internet.
  • Packaging: Asia remains the largest market in the world for packaging because of its use in e-commerce, food and beverage manufacturing, and various categories of pharmaceuticals. The packaging category expected to grow well is flexible packaging, because of its convenience and portability for the retail trade. It is also consistent with sustainability objectives in core markets such as ASEAN, India, Japan and China.
  • Corrugated cardboard: This is expected to grow in line with demand for packaging from e-commerce trading and recovering exports, as well as consumers seeking greener alternatives. The required properties of such materials include impact resistance and endurance under pressure, the ability to recycle and maintaining the same product integrity expected from hard wood, plastic or metals. The sectors expecting to see increased use are food, agriculture, electronics and automotive components. The biggest and most important markets are in Asia which account for over 37% of production, featuring China, India, Japan and South Korea in particular.

        “At Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022, visitors will discover the “printing-packaging-corrugated card” industries highlighting a diverse range of fascinating innovations. These include high resolution printing systems, digital printing systems, innovation to boost manufacturing capacity, and new inkjet and printing inks which can be applied to a wide range of materials while being friendly to the environment. Then there are new printing materials on sale such as special coatings to prevent damage and the spread of pathogens or viruses on the materials’ surface. We now have biodegradable plastics, packaging and other materials, and award-winning innovations now accepted all over the world. More information about Pack Print International 2022 and Corrutec Asia 2022 can be obtained from the websites www.pack-print.de and www.corrutec-asia.com . Visitors can attend the event from today until 22 October 2022 in hall 100-101 of Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Bangna.”