Khao San Road to be renovated with 48M THB.

Bangkok is investing 48 THB into renovating the world-famous Khao San Road. The pedestrian walkway and the road will be renovated, the goal is for locals and tourists to have a good experience when visiting the nightlife scene. The walkway is to be a granite walkway with newly designated zones for street food vendors.


Credit: Lonely Planet
Credit: Lonely Planet


The street food vendor zones will help eliminate the issue of sellers setting up stalls on the walkway, with a 3-meter wide pathway allowing enough space for sellers and customers to buy and sell without blocking the main road. The new walkway will be 5 meters wide and covered in granite to give a new look to Khao San Road. The renovation will begin in October 2019 and is expected to be completed within February 2020.




The Khao San renovation will help organize the area and improve tourism in Bangkok. The 400-meter road will be raised higher so that the walkway, street food zone, and the road will all be the same level. The road will be black, and the pedestrian walkway will be red. This points out the limit for each zone for organization and convenience.


The road that cuts through Khao San now will be separated into a 2-meter pedestrian walkway on each side with an extra 1-meter walkway in the middle. The street seller zone will be 3 meters that can be separated in half at 1.5 meters for two stalls, one on each side facing outwards to the pedestrian walkway. The road will be 5 meters allowing enough space for cars to drive through without causing traffic.

There will also be an installment of a water drainage system to protect the road from flooding and a metal gate that separates the road from the pedestrian walkways. The street seller zone will be lined with street lights to help tourists with their shopping experiences.


The budget for the renovation is set at 48 Million THB. The current road will be separated into 2 sides so that the road won’t have to shut down during the renovation period.


FB Caption:  Khao San Road renovation will help organize the area and improve tourism in Bangkok.


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