Liven Up Your Holiday with a Beach Flag

As soon as it is safe to travel as a family again, it’s a guarantee that families will flock to the beach to get some much-needed sun and relaxation. With so many people crowding public and private beaches, it can be easy to lose track of where on the beach you left your belongings after going for a walk or a swim. Rather than use a lifeguard stand or another family as generic landmarks, it’s much easier and more efficient to buy a beach flag to plant in the sand near your stuff.

Beach flags are great identification markers and have been helping families and groups of people locate their belongings for years. Their popularity has grown enough that beach flags are now being used at campsites, concerts, and other places with large crowds.

Still not convinced you should buy a beach flag? Here are our top four reasons why you should!

 Easy to Spot

Beach flags were designed to solve one problem: how can you find your blanket and things at the beach when there are dozens of other groups around that all look the same? That’s why the most obvious reason why you should buy one is that they are easy to see!

The way beach flags catch the wind and flutter about attracts the eye and draws attention, making them quite easy to spot in a crowd. Plus, beach flags are higher off the ground than any human is, making them nearly impossible to miss.

Customize To Your Liking

One of the best things about a big beach flag is that you can customize it however you’d like. These are popular items to have, and you can be sure you won’t be the only group on the beach with their own flag.

Choosing to customize your flag gives you the creative control to choose a pattern or design that reflects your personality. Want a great activity to do with the kids? Gather them around and work together to design an awesome flag that they’ll be proud to show off during their holiday. Your family will be the coolest on the beach.

Convenient to Carry

When you travel to the beach, especially with a young family, it’s likely that you will have a handful of things to carry. From bathing suits to snacks to towels, your beach bag is likely packed to the brim. How could you possibly also carry some sort of identification marker?

Beach flags are extremely lightweight and can be folded and stored in bags with ease. They are so portable, even your children can carry them.

They Won’t Bother Your Neighbors

No one wants to be the annoying family at the beach that takes up too much space and causes discomfort to those around them. This fear can be a deterrent to buying a beach flag to identify your space, but in reality, it is not.

Beach flags are simple and unobtrusive. They won’t fly away or stir up any sand onto your neighbors. They will simply just wave in the wind, calling you back if you stray too far.