Locals returning to bars in Pattaya.

Pattaya in Chonburi Province is now classified as an orange zone from the previously red zoned province. This means that there is an ease of health safety regulations in Pattaya. Entertainment venues including bars and clubs can re-open but they have to be closed by 11 pm each day. The businesses will have to enforce strict measures on the employees and customers. Inside the business seats must be placed according to social distancing rules, customers must check-in and check-out via the Thai Chana app, temperature checks, hand sanitizer must be available at all times, and everyone inside must wear masks. Customers can dine inside restaurants and order alcoholic beverages until 11 pm. Live music is allowed as long as there is no dancing.


Many restaurants and bars have reopened but some remain closed. Locals have returned to enjoying drinks and food at these businesses. All of these businesses require check-in and temperature checks. The owner and employees at Music Camp Restaurant revealed to INN News that most of the customers are locals from within the area. After the restaurant closed down employees remained in Pattaya. The owner revealed his business is pretty safe because the seats are arranged according to social distancing and the restaurant itself is open-air. Businesses that have remained closed state that they prefer to watch how the situation is in a few days.


Sukavi Wattanasirikul the owner of a BBQ restaurant stated that after the ease of Covid-19 measures for Chonburi customers have started to dine at the restaurant. While this is good for the business, customers have complained about the closing time at 11 pm. Sukavi further revealed a large group of customers want to have BBQ but prefer to order for take-home as it is safer and more fitting during these hard times. The owner will keep updating his business accordingly to Covid-19 safety measures and want other businesses to do the same. Everyone is affected by the virus but the situation will return to normal in the future.


Credit: Sanook

FB Caption: Many restaurants and bars have reopened but some remain closed.


Source: Sanook, INN News