MQDC and CDAST Hold “MQDC Design Competition 2023 – RE-imagining Thai

12 March 2023, Bangkok – MQDC and the Council of Deans of Architecture Schools of Thailand (CDAST) have launched “MQDC Design Competition 2023 – RE-imagining Thai Social Space: City Festival as Design Intervention” with prizes totaling over 2 million baht plus certificates and, for “Gold” winners, overseas study trips. The contest invites young people to design public and semi-public city spaces as festival venues serving communities, helping create future urban event space to international standards.


Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, said: “MQDC’s management and members are delighted to be working with CDAST on a design contest ‘RE-imagining Thai Social Space: City Festival as Design Intervention’. The competition will help create public and semi-public city areas for festivals that bring people together and serve communities in Bangkok and all the provinces. Spaces will attain international standards, reflecting local identity and engagement to foster new urban activities that generate economic value, stimulate tourism, enhance civic image, and develop neighborhoods through architecture, events, and festivals. The contest will help young Thai designers innovate to enhance life quality, in line with MQDC’s core principle of ‘For All Well-Being’ to create sustainable well-being for all life on the planet.

“I invite designers who want to create public and semi-public space for festivals, fostering events that sustainably serve urban neighborhoods. We welcome all groups and ages. This contest will help young designers, especially, to exchange and present ideas to enhance experience and develop their careers. MQDC is funding the contest and providing prize money totaling 2 million baht,” said Mr. Malaisirirat.


Prof. Dr. Rawiwan Oranratmanee, President of CDAST, said: “CDAST is pleased to be part of ‘MQDC Design Competition 2023 – RE-imagining Thai Social Space: City Festival as Design Intervention’. Urban design around the world is now focusing on inclusive festival venues, public and semi-public spaces that enhance city life for all ages, hosting events for everyone. The key design challenge for public and semi-public festival spaces is letting everyone present ideas, share experiences and perspectives. Design for provincial and national festival venues must meet the needs of all groups and ages. Designers must present ideas under the concept ‘RE-imagining Thai Social Space: City Festival as Design Intervention’ with architectural design or new elements of space that connect with the environment and communities. Design for events and festivals should be based on the area’s context, reflecting its identity and involvement. Designs that create an inspiring atmosphere spark vitality and a new civic image that can be developed into architecture for society that concretely enhances quality of life.”


Mr. Chaiyong Ratana-angkura, Chief Advisor to Creative Lab by MQDC, as the organizer of the contest, said: “This contest aims to provide a model for real public and semi-public spaces. The design challenge reflects real areas with 2 categories. Contestants from Bangkok and its surroundings will address South Sukhumvit. Other contestants will focus on urban public space.

“Judging criteria will consider the design’s origins in its analysis of the area and its context in terms of urban, social, cultural, community issues related to activities or planned use. The event should be specified and detailed in time of day, month, duration, target group, hosts and stakeholders, travel and connections, appropriate to the context.

“Data must be presented according to design principles, explaining activities in all aspects to foresee potential challenges and applying design to avoid or overcome them. The organizing committee expects the new generation to help provide design to realize the value of public and semi-public spaces.

“Public spaces have always hosted festivals, from religious celebrations to city occasions, cultural, sporting, arts, film festivals. Everyone can join a wide range of events in public spaces. It’s a complex area that requires planning and management from designers, government, business, and the local community. A question for designers is, ‘How can festivals change our city and country?’ Design can help prevent problems in all dimensions as well as build participation. Organizers and visitors can share space, letting everyone help design and develop urban areas and also benefit from organizing these activities.”

Mr. Onza Janyaprasert, Project Director of Cloud 11 by MQDC, as a mixed-use project developer creating public space in South Sukhumvit, said: “Cloud 11 will be a hub for content creators in South Sukhumvit. Its semi-public space will display the work of creators and host cultural festivals and innovation events. We are delighted to sponsor a contest whose winning design can host real festivals. We expect entries full of creativity that enhances event space, drawing people to Sukhumvit and nearby areas. The popular semi-public area for creators will reinforce an exceptional image and identity.”


The contest has separate awards for students and general entries. There are 3 prizes in each category, with certificates and prize money. “Gold” winners will receive a study trip abroad. The results will be announced on 1 May 2023.


A “Popular Vote” winner, who will receive a certificate and prize money, will be announced on 2 June 2023 or on the date of the Award Ceremony & Exhibition.


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Email your questions to Submission deadline is 31 March 2023.