‘Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala,’ serving authentic Chong Qing-Sichuan cuisine to capture thriving Chinese Food Market in Thailand


Bangkok – July 9, 2023 – Minor Food, the prominent restaurant business group in Asia, is actively pursuing a business portfolio expansion strategy to capitalize on the flourishing Chinese restaurant market in Thailand. In line with this vision, The Company has introduced “Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala,” a renowned
Chong Qing-Sichuan Chinese restaurant in China and Singapore. With the grand opening of its inaugural branch in Thailand, the restaurant aims to attract a wide range of consumers with moderate to high purchasing power, including both Thai locals and foreigners. The culinary masterpiece of Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala lies in its signature dishes, prominently featuring the exquisite “Chong Qing-style Grilled Fish,” coupled with the original recipe of “Mala Fragrant Pot,” which has been rapidly gaining popularity among Thai consumers. The restaurant also offers a diverse range of authentic Chinese Sichuan dishes, encompassing appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and enticing desserts. All these delectable creations are served within a captivating ambiance, meticulously designed to evoke a modern Chinese atmosphere. The introduction of Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala marks a significant milestone in the group’s overarching strategy of bringing renowned restaurants from various parts of the world to continue its successful approach in Thailand.


Thunyachate Ekvetchavit, Chief Operating Officer at Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, said, “Currently, the Chinese cuisine in Thailand is experiencing growth trajectory and continues to gain popularity among consumers. As a passionate Food Explorer dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of consumers, Minor Food recognizes the opportunity for expansion in the restaurant industry. By adhering to its core strategy of being a leader in the restaurant business, Minor Food aims to continually introduce new flavors and provide world-class dining experiences by importing renowned restaurants from various countries and presenting them to discerning Thai consumers, allowing them to indulge in a rich tapestry of tastes from around the world. With the strategic aim of expanding the market in Thailand, the addition of Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala, a renowned Chong Qing-Sichuan style Chinese restaurant, will help strengthen Minor Food’s portfolio and unlock the full potential for growth this year.”


He continued, “The first branch of Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala in Thailand will commence its operations on the 6th floor, beacOn zone of centralwOrld. It caters to a wide range of customers, encompassing all age groups, from teenagers to working professionals and families. The restaurant emphasizes the distinctive and original flavors of Chong Qing-Sichuan cuisine, known for its bold and spicy taste, which resonates with the Thai palate. With an array of authentic dishes on the menu, Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala showcases the expertise of a chef specializing in Chinese cuisine. The restaurant also prides itself on its stylish interior design, easy access for all customers, and friendly and attentive service, making it a modern Chinese restaurant delivering freshness and a memorable experience for patrons of all genders and ages.”


“Combining the expertise of Minor Food and the successful track record of Riverside Grill Fish & Mala establishments worldwide, the brand is poised to become a flagship restaurant within the Minor Food Group that will cater to the desires of Chinese food enthusiasts while also outstandingly captivating the hearts of Thai and international customers alike.” said Thunyachate.


According to Nantaphon Jaengbutrsri, Associate Vice President of Riverside Grilled Fish; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, the restaurant’s standout feature is its signature dish, “Chong Qing-style Grilled Fish.” Originating from Chong Qing in China, this popular local delicacy involves grilling a whole fish and marinating it in a flavorful sauce to ensure the fish absorbs the delectable flavors before being served on a sizzling hot plate. “At Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala, customers have the flexibility to select from a range of four fish meat options: Qing Jiang, Grouper, Sea Bass and Patin. To cater to individual preferences, the restaurant offers a variety of sauces that can be chosen. There are five distinct flavors available, including the infamous Mala Sauce and other delectable sauce recipes such as Fragrant Spicy Sauce, Green Pepper Sauce, Black Bean Sauce, and Pickled Vegetable Sauce that imparts a delightful flavor to all types of fish. And to enhance the culinary experience, customers at Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala can further customize their meals by selecting from a wide array of over 30 high-quality toppings. These options include protein choices like meat, tofu, and meatballs, as well as carbohydrate-rich noodles and an assortment of fresh vegetables. This diverse selection allows customers to realize a comprehensive Chong Qing-style Grilled Fish dining experience in every aspect, with prices starting at 699 baht.”


Apart from its renowned Chong Qing-style grilled fish, Riverside Grill Fish & Mala is celebrated for its popular “Mala Fragrant Pot.” This unique offering allows customers to personally customize their dish by selecting and combining ingredients to their preference. From the choice and quantity of raw materials to the desired level of spiciness and concentration, guests have the freedom to create a personalized Mala Pot experience. This dining option starts at a price of 200 baht. In addition to its signature offerings, the store features a diverse range of recommended flavors that showcase the authentic flavors of Chong Qing-Sichuan cuisine. One such recommended dish is the “Corn Popper.” This appetizer involves frying corn kernels to achieve a delightful crunchiness, which is then mixed with salted egg powder to create a rich and savory taste.  Another recommended dish is the “Riverside Dried Chili Chicken.” This flavorful dish features chicken that is stir-fried with chili oil and cooked over high heat with dried chilies, resulting in a tantalizingly spicy and aromatic blend of spices. For those seeking a refreshing cold appetizer, Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala offers the “Sichuan-style Chili Chicken in Chilli Oil.” This dish combines the invigorating flavors of Sichuan-style chili oil, providing a spicy and subtly aromatic experience. Tender pieces of chicken are cut into bite-sized portions, further enhancing the enjoyment of this appetizer. The delectable “Fragrant Spicy Luncheon Meat Fried Rice ” features a perfect blend of stir-fried rice and diced ham, resulting in fragrant and finely crumbly rice grains. The enticing aroma from the pan adds to the overall experience. To conclude your meal, treat yourself to the delightful “Coconut Milk Custard Ball,” which boasts a crispy outer texture, while the inside surprises with a luscious coconut custard cream.


“In celebration of the grand opening of its first outlet in Thailand, Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala has launched a special promotional campaign. Throughout the entire month of July 2023, customers can enjoy a generous 10% discount on all food items. Besides, by adding the restaurant as a friend on the LINE application, customers gain access to exclusive recipes and promotions tailored to their dining preferences. This includes food pairing recommendations that cater to individuals dining alone, couples, or larger groups. Moreover, the store organizes engaging activities that offer customers the chance to win valuable vouchers. These promotional activities take place both in front of the outlet and through online channels. These activities not only generate excitement but also help boost traffic during the opening of the new branch,” concluded Nantaphon.


Experience the legendary and mouthwatering flavors of authentic Chong Qing-Sichuan Chinese cuisine as it makes its way from the land of dragons to Thailand. Join us on Thursday, July 6, 2023, at Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala, the first branch in Thailand located on the 6th floor, beacOn zone, centralwOrld. Be sure to follow the Facebook fan page “Riverside Grilled Fish TH” and the Instagram account “@riversidegrilledfish.th” for more details and updates on this exciting culinary journey.