Saha Group “KingBridge Tower” Selected as Thailand’s First CECI Pilot Project for Circular Economy, Projecting Itself as Building Archetype for Energy and Environmental Conservation

Thailand’s first pilot project, the KingBridge Tower Rama III, the tallest office building in Thailand along the Chao Phraya River on Rama III Road, developed by Saha Capital Tower Co., Ltd., announced the synergy of efforts with the business partners within the Circular Economy in Construction Industry (CECI). Equipped with Green & Clean Innovation and high-standard construction management systems with an emphasis on Circular Economy, this environmentally-friendly concept is present in all design elements of the KingBridge Tower, maximizing the cost-effective and sustainable use of resources. For these reasons, the KingBridge Tower is chosen as CECI’s inspirational model building for energy and environmental conservation under the Circular Economy.
The Circular Economy in Construction Industry (CECI) is the network of 23 cooperating partners in the private sector, aiming to push for Green & Clean construction with the Circular Economy principle from upstream to downstream. The CECI: Action for Sustainable Future event drives the collaboration that comprises 5 sectors across the construction industry, ranging from architects & project consultants, real estate developers, contractors, construction material manufacturers and distributors. The objectives are to elevate the Thai construction industry to sustainable growth under the Circular Economy and contribute to the efficient use of resources, minimizing the environmental and energy impacts while improving the quality of life in society.
Mr. Vichai Kulsomphob, President and CEO of Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Plc. and Managing Director of Saha Capital Tower Co., Ltd, a company within Saha Group revealed that the collaboration with Circular Economy in Construction Industry (CECI) reflects our organizational vision to create sustainability and quality of life of the users as well as the community. With the KingBridge Tower Rama III selected as Thailand’s first ‘CECI Pilot Project,’ Saha Group is determined to cooperate in pushing forward the Green Construction industry by continuously applying the concept of Circular Economy in every aspect of the project design and construction. The project is carried out in cooperation with professional partners from CECI Network with specific construction and design expertise, including, architects and contractors, emphasizing the project concept of ‘The Spirit of Synergy’ as we believe the synergy can bring success which, in turn, will yield great results.
The KingBridge Tower project is developed based on the Circular Business Models in every aspect with over 6,000 million Baht of investment starting from the design that takes into account the surrounding context according to the Mass Study Concept. Besides, its building structure is constructed with finely selected eco-friendly materials such as Insulated Glass that are specially designed to reduce temperature and increase energy efficiency. This is combined with cutting-edge energy-saving technologies and innovations such as water-saving sanitary ware, the Building Automation System (BAS), the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology that minimizes construction waste, the Solar Cell Façade that generates electricity during the day to reduce energy consumption, the ventilation system that adds fresh air to building occupants as well as the recycling solutions.
The KingBridgeTower project will be divided into office space for rent and common space that provides convenience such as restaurants and services that meet the needs of tenants. The building consists of office spaces for rent, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, a Healthy Canteen, restaurants, a vertical garden, jogging tracks and a rooftop restaurant. The construction has begun and is expected to be completed in 2024.
Under the cooperation of partners across all sectors, the development of the ‘CECI Pilot Project’ of Kingbridge Tower, the tallest office building in Thailand along the Chao Phraya River on Rama III Road, as the inspirational model for energy and environment conservation in Thailand is destined to pave the way for many other developments of efficient systems and projects. This, in turn, would elevate and build a sustainable future for the construction industry in Thailand.