Self-Storage in Rama 9 Can Help Solve Your Space Issues

Bangkok is a dynamic international city that sees long-stay business travelers come in and out of the city daily. Many of these business travelers spend many months of the year in Thailand and like to establish a home base while they are here. Still, without living in Bangkok full time, many don’t invest in their own property. In order to keep their belongings safe while they are away, many business travelers rent self-storage space in the Rama 9 area of Bangkok.

Rama 9 is one of the busier business districts in Bangkok. It is home to the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Chinese Embassy, and many other major Thai businesses. As a result, many business travelers land in Bangkok and immediately head to the Rama 9 area to stay in a serviced apartment or short-term rental.

This high-influx of business travelers to the Rama 9 area has grown the self-storage industry significantly. Today, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting travel, self-storage in Rama 9 is a booming business that services business travelers and locals who may have had to downsize or move due to a low economy.

Benefits of Self-Storage

The concept of self-storage is simple. Tenants will rent a set amount of secure, locked space from a storage facility and can then store their belongings there. Typically, these facilities charge by the month and have different sizes available.

In Rama 9, self-storage facilities are abundant and provide convenience for those who live in the area. With Bangkok’s suffocating traffic, moving belongings to a facility that is not close can be cumbersome and a huge burden. When you are moving heavy things like suitcases or furniture, having a storage facility nearby makes life much easier.

Self-storage in Rama 9 is also an extremely cost-effective way to store your belongings. With self-storage, tenants want to maximize space by packing items in boxes and stacking them up to the ceiling. This is different from how one would normally store things at home. With self-storage, you can essentially fit more into less space, making renting a small self-storage space a better economic decision than opting for buying or renting a larger home.

Not Only for Business Travelers

Self-storage in Rama 9 is not only for business travelers but for full-time Bangkokians as well. As mentioned above, trying economic times have forced many to downsize their homes in order to save money on monthly rent. With Bangkok apartments already fairly small, downsizing creates a problem where people are unable to keep all their belongings at home.

Large items that are not used every day, such as sports equipment or traveling gear, are tough to store properly and tastefully at home. Rather than pollute their homes with bulky items, many choose to lay them away in self-storage.

Additionally, many new condominium developments in Rama 9 have been built to maximize the number of units, rather than prioritizing the amount of space per unit. This has led many who have moved to Rama 9 to find self-storage facilities since their apartments cannot accommodate all of their belongings.