Teacher that called student “phony” has apologized.

A story went viral online about a teacher that called a student a phony, the teacher has now come out and apologized with tears. The student has confirmed he will not be deleting the post, mainly so that the teacher can learn a lesson. It all started when a student was sick and needed the day off so he texted his teacher, instead of acknowledging the teacher called him a phony and more horrible words. This included the suggestion that he was sick from doing drugs. Montri Kongcharoen the school Principle and teacher Kaew went to visit Boss at his home.


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The principle has apologized to Boss and his father about what took place. The principle states this is the first time anything like this has happened. It has heavily affected the school creating a big misunderstanding. The principle apologizes on behalf of teacher Kaew claiming that anyone can make mistakes. He hopes that the student and the parents can forgive the teacher and the school. The incident has been talked about in a school meeting in consideration on what teacher Kaew will face as her consequence.



Teacher Kaew apologized to Boss and his father with tears. The teacher claimed she had no intentions to put him down, she only wants all students to graduate and have a bright future. She has never looked at a student in a bad way and really wants all students to graduate. Teacher Kaew is sorry for her actions and wants to apologize to everyone including the society. It is a big lesson that she will remember forever. The principle claims they visited Boss and his family to set things right. He wants everyone to have a common understanding and to help find ways to improve the school.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The principle and the teacher went to visit the student and his family at home.


Source: Sanook