Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018: Edge of the Wonder Land

This is the first time that Thailand is hosting the global art event of “Biennale krabi 2018” with the Ministry of Culture being the main organizer of this grand event. Over 50 international artists are participating in this event, turning Krabi into a global art platform with the main concept of “Edge of Wonderland”.


Credit: Mthai


Biennale is an international art event that is over 120 years old. The Biennale is hosted in a different nation each year. Some Nations that Biennale has been to includes England, Indonesia, Japan, China, and more. This is the first time that Thailand is hosting Art Biennale 2018. The art event will be taking place from the 2nd of November to the 28th of February.


Credit: Mthai


The art designed by the artists is unique to each of the natural surroundings of where the artist will be creating the art. This is called “Site – Specific Art”. Each of the 60 artists are given an area that the artist must establish a connection to their art, whether it be art pieces, or an exhibition that can be explored.  This includes 7 islands, community locations, and beaches.


There are 3 main activities at the Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018: Edge of the Wonder Land.

This includes,


  1. Theme Exhibition: This is where contemporary artists will display “Theme Exhibition” art that represents the concept of each artist.


  1. New artists who are up and coming from all over the world are sending in their art to be judged by international art judges who will choose art pieces deemed impeccable that connect with the “Theme” established. There will also be one winner announced at the event.


  1. Educational activities will take place everyday throughout the 4 months of the exhibition. This is to help spread and conserve art in an academic theme. With the goal to exchange knowledge on an international level, along with helping people understand the power of art and the effects of art on society.


Thailand Biennale 2018:




FB Caption: An exhibition that is truly “International”, bringing the power of art to thailand.


Source: Mthai