Top 8 Options for Healthy Food Delivery in Bangkok

For a lot of use, preparing a clean, healthy, and quick meal is impossible most days, either we’re too busy with work and children or simply don’t have a well-stocked fridge. Not to mention that preparing a delicious meal takes time and skill. So why not take the pressure off yourself and outsource your culinary needs to a healthy food delivery in Bangkok service provider?
An array of wonderful options has exploded on the dining scene in the last few years. They are particularly popular with time-strapped professionals and health-conscious individuals. From paleo and vegan to plant-based and calorie-restrictive, you can find every kind of catering imaginable.

Our list of the top eight options in Bangkok will make ordering your next meal a breeze. Keep reading to discover all the delicious choices…


Starting at a very reasonable THB 59, Cleanfit Delivery offers some of the tastiest and cheapest healthy dishes in town. They manage to offer a huge variety of meals, ensuring repeat customers never get bored with the selection. Save your wallet and your waistline by ordering from this friendly delivery service.


Run by a hands-on owner whose heavily invested in the plant-based living lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with ordering from Pranaa. They offer a fantastic selection of entrees, mains, desserts and drinks. Either order as a one-off or sign-up for a whole weeks’ worth of delicious meals delivered directly to your door.


Possibly one of the most well-known health food delivery services on the market nowadays is this one, the brainchild of DJ Poom, a local celebrity who took a healthy life turn after ballooning to 100kg. His focus is on delicious, home-cooked meals made with natural, lean ingredients and no oil or MSG.


For fitness freaks, Fitmeal should be your delivery service of choice. Besides the fact that you can tweak the meals to your specific needs, their general offerings will help you stay slim and trim. Uniquely, they have a dedicated range of meals for children so that the whole family can dine together. Besides, they have a range of “cook-it-yourself” meals – they provide the raw materials, you do the rest!


This service comes to you from the Absolute Fit Group, famous for its high-end chain of yoga and Pilates centres. Designed especially for fitness fanatics, they take their culinary inspiration from a range of countries: Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand. From nutrient-rich snacks to protein-heavy dinners, they have something to satisfy every craving.


Contrary to popular belief, meals can be free of animal products and still be delicious! This point is proved admirably by Vegan Crush, a plant-based meal service. Led by a chef with decades of vegan experience, this company offers a diverse repertoire of mouth-watering dishes, inspired by the owner’s culinary travels to over 70 countries.


Tiptop’s unofficial slogan should be “hearty and healthy”, the cornerstones of all their meal offerings. What they offer customers is robust, wholesome, flavoursome and vibrant fare. In particular, don’t miss their range of Thai dishes which are en pointe and deliciously fiery! For clean food, you can’t go past Tiptop with thousands of devoted followers and years of experience in the biz.


Save this one up as a little treat, perhaps for the weekend or a special date night. From Brunch Bowl, you can get the standard mains offered by all the healthy food delivery in Bangkok companies mentioned above, but also “healthy” cookies, cakes and desserts, likely velvety smooth chocolate mousse. They also offer a great range of fresh fruit smoothies and acai bowls.


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