Top Reasons a Beachfront Condo in Pattaya is a Great Retirement Spot

So, you’re reaching retirement age – well done and congratulations! Now you get to enjoy your ‘twilight’ years in rest and relaxation. For many people, especially those living in colder climates, the allure of spending the next 20+ years living in warmer weather is very appealing. And where better than the Land of Smiles! But why pick a beachfront condo in Pattaya for your retirement instead of more well-known spots like Alicante or Florida? Because it’s the perfect location for retirees looking for a vibrant seaside city, with plenty of attractions, including golf, beaches, shopping and dining. If you’re not sure you can get past the town’s former ‘seedy’ reputation, let us open your eyes to the wonders of modern-down Pattaya.

Best-kept Secret

Okay, we are not going to lie. What you have heard about Pattaya is probably all true, and more so! But it’s far from being the full story; the city is much more than a strip of go-go bars. You can certainly trace Pattaya’s lineage back to the Vietnam War soldiers who made it their favourite forlorn spot during the 1960s. Their impact can still be felt everywhere in the city’s nightlife sector, which ranges from jovial local pubs to raunchy nightclubs. But what many people don’t know is that Pattaya can also be an unbeatable retirement destination for anyone in search of outstanding value, a host of leisure opportunities and an exceptionally welcoming service culture. In fact, Pattaya’s status as a gold-star retirement destination is probably its best-kept secret!

The Good Life

One of the things Pattaya has in common with another famous Thai cityside city – Hua Hin – is a plethora of world-class golf courses. There are at least 20 amazing clubs within a short drive (approx. 30 minutes) from Pattaya. These pristine establishments offer challenging courses, great clubhouses and excellent service. If golf is not your cup of tea, there is also excellent bowling, yachting and water sports in the immediate vicinity.

There are also a lot of different local cubs in operation, offering everything from books and darts to quizzing, chess and bingo. You can also do volunteer work via many organisations, such as the Rotary and Lions clubs. There are also expatriate clubs for both men and women, to meet friends and exchange information.

Eazy Breezy

In particular, Jomtien beach and the outskirts of the town attract many retirees who appreciate the combination of suburban calm with easy access to the city. While some retirees opt for a house in a gated community (‘moo baan’) others prefer the convenience and amazing views of a beachfront condo in Pattaya. The beautiful thing about retiring to an established area is the strong sense of community already in place. Many neighbourhoods with a large expat population have a vibrant social network operating.

While it’s true that Pattaya’s beaches cannot compete with the likes of Phuket and Samui, the convenience of being only 90 minutes from Bangkok (with direct international flights) and living in a city with world-class medical facilities cannot be overlooked. Not to mention that the general cost-of-living (food, housing, entertainment, medicine, etc.) is considerably cheaper here than the capital and islands.

Above all else, Pattaya is considered one of Thailand’s friendliest towns. The year-round holiday atmosphere makes for an extremely sociable retirement setting. So what are you waiting for, see you soon in this seaside paradise!


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