Top Reasons to Book a Serviced Apartment in Sathorn (and not a hotel)

Who amongst us doesn’t love a good holiday? The golden opportunity to leave all your cares at home and go off somewhere different to relax, rejuvenate, explore and enjoy. Holidays are a great time to bond with family and hang out with friends. Picking the destination for your getaway is the all-important first step to success, second to that is choosing your accommodation. Select the wrong place and your dream getaway could turn into a nightmare. If your itchy feet are sending you towards Bangkok, avoid any unnecessary stress and hassle and simply follow our advice: book a serviced apartment in Sathorn. Why? Because Sathorn is the most convenient part of town to be in and a serviced apartment offers the best comfort and value-for-money you can find. If you’re still not convinced, here are our top reasons to choose a serviced apartment for your next trip to the Big Mango.


Picture this… you travel for 15 hours over land or sea to arrive at your destination only to discover that your pre-booked accommodation is the size of a shoebox. You don’t need to put up with such cramped conditions, not when a serviced apartment will give your double or triple the space (on average, 30% larger than a standard hotel room) for the same or lower rate! For those of your travelling for work or with young children, this extra space is a godsend. And did we mention that serviced apartments typically include separate zones for cooking, sleeping, relaxing and bathing.


Many people choose serviced apartments not because of its space or price, but because of its unique ‘home away from home’ feel. Instead of a cold, sterile, bland hotel room, you’ll get an apartment with character and soul. Chances are you won’t get homesick staying in one of these units as they feel like a real apartment; you’ll find it easier to settle in and relax here. On top of that, you’ll get full privacy and a swag of amenities that are just like at home: DVD player, stereo, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, kitchen utensils, linens and towels, bathroom supplies and so forth.


Believe it or not, you don’t have to downgrade to a two-star property to make your holiday affordable, especially if it’s an extended vacation (or work trip). On a square metre basis, serviced apartments come out much cheaper than hotel rooms. What’s more, you’ll save additional money by being able to do your cooking and laundry. What could be better than saving money to spend on sightseeing, massages, experiences and souvenirs! We think that deal is too good to pass up.


And lastly, one fantastic thing that might not be like home is that you’ll have your very own cleaner! That’s right, the fantastic perks of staying in a serviced apartment in Sathorn is that you get daily housekeeping. So, go ahead and make full use of all the facilities provided in your getaway pad but don’t worry about having to tidy up. Spend your valuable time exploring the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of Bangkok instead. Feel at ease knowing that someone else will wash the dishes, change the linens, prepare fresh towels, take out the trash, etc.


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