Tops kicks off “Tops LOCKED PRICE”

Bangkok, May 17, 2023 – Tops, food retail businesses under Central Retail, kicked off another phenomenon for the food retail industry to drive consumption amid the economic recovery by launching “Tops LOCKED PRICE”, the biggest campaign of the year. The campaign offers to help Thais save on daily expenses through the 3 LOCKs strategy – reduce living costs, and stabilize the price of consumer goods for 1 year. Shoppers can browse for price-locked items underlining the Every Day DISCOVERY concept from today to May 28, 2024, at Tops and FamilyMart branches nationwide.


Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer Food Group, Central Retail, revealed that despite the economic recovery as a consequence of the Songkran festival consumption as well as the recent bustling in the tourism sector, people, however, are still concerned about the cost of living are enduring, especially the higher electricity bills during the summer. Tops is aware of such problems and has been paying great attention to the needs of consumers including catering quality products at reasonable prices for all customer groups. Tops is the first retailer in Thailand that has initiated the “Price Locked” policy presenting under the yellow label “Tops LOCKED PRICE”. Intending to help Thais reduce the cost of living and respond to all customer’s needs, the 2023 campaign is ready to deliver the most reasonably priced goods for customers throughout the year to reach its goal of becoming a Food Experience for All.


Mr. Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, Head of Marketing, Public Relations & CSV of Central Food Retail under Central Retail added: “This year, Tops is advancing with the “Tops LOCKED PRICE” campaign to offer even more value shopping with an extensive selection of fixed price covering 29 categories presenting under the 3 LOCKs strategy including:

  • PRODUCT: By bringing selections of daily essential items to boost confidence among customers that whenever they shop at Tops, it guarantees economical prices in all categories including dry food, ingredients, rice, cleaning products and household items, mom and kid products, health and beauty products, snacks and drinks, etc.
  • PRICE: By locking the best price for all participating items to help drive consumption. Various leading brands will take turns in offering locked-price products throughout the year. This strategy sets out to pioneer cost-effective shopping for all retail businesses.
  • PERIOD: By spanning the campaign across 1 year with the best price guarantee, shoppers can rest assured that Tops caters to quality products from major brands to sell at the most affordable prices.


Another highlight of the Tops LOCKED PRICE campaign is the introduction of Tops’s first brand ambassador ‘Nine – Naphat Siangsomboon’ who will help raise awareness among target audiences as well as encourage everyone to shop for the cost-saving price-locked products.


The previous Tops price-locked campaigns contributed a 40% increase in sales value where the most popular items are Cooking, Bakery, Snacks, Cleaning and Delica reflecting the trend of consumers who need to carefully plan their spending. While purchase satisfaction at an affordable price remains an important factor in shopping.


“Tops LOCKED PRICE campaign is our step forward after the rebranding. It aims at reinforcing the Every Day DISCOVERY concept by offering quality products at the Discovery Deals for customers. The campaign will encourage confidence among Thais to spend their money cost-effectively. Moreover, it will help alleviate the current high cost of living. Tops LOCKED PRICE highlights the company’s standpoint to continue our support for Thais.” said Mr. Stephane.


For more information, visit, Facebook fan page at TopsThailand, or download the application @TopsThailand.