Tops portrays the idea of “Every Day DISCOVERY” with the launch of a new commercial, “Gifts to discover”,

  Tops highlights the idea of “Every Day DISCOVERY”, inviting people to discover special moments every day with the launch of a new commercial, Gifts to discover. The commercial presents a new perspective on ordinary gifts which can have special value and meaning. It tells a story of choosing New Year presents in the festive season. Many find it hard to choose the right gifts for their recipients, and sometimes they overlook things around them. The commercial shows gift ideas using products exclusively available at Tops.


With an aim to show everyone the value of every gift, Tops presents “Gifts
to discover” to explore the idea behind choosing New Year gifts. Sometimes, we forget that ordinary things like food and grocery products in a supermarket are something everyone needs, and can be special gifts for many. These products are special enough to be given as presents to your loved ones, as every product has been carefully chosen and is exclusively available here.


“Gifts to discover” tells the story of Joy, a woman who is all dressed up for a New Year party. She can’t decide what to buy as a gift for the lucky draw, as she’s worried the person who gets her gift may not like it. Her colleague tells her, “Every gift is meaningful.” That sentence changes her perception of gifts, and shows her that simple things can also be special presents, like a Ziploc bag that can be used to store a smartphone to protect it from water, canned fish, instant noodles, and food products that can create happy moments in every day. The commercial portrays those simple products used by people in different ages to reaffirm that every present is meaningful in its own way. In the end, Joy lets go of her worries and buys her gifts with confidence.


“Tops is committed to offering quality products and the best shopping experience in every day, true to the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY. This online commercial will pass on the idea that supermarket products can be meaningful gifts, too, because every gift is meaningful in its own way, even ordinary things that we use in everyday lives.
In the right moment, they can create happiness. We want to invite everyone to discover the meaning of ordinary gifts  at Tops and create special moments together in this festive season.“


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