Tops wins three prestigious international awards, reaffirming its #1 position in consumers’ mind as Thailand’s ultimate Food

Bangkok, March 17, 2023 – Tops, food business under Central Retail, announces a major achievement on an international level, reaffirming its position as the #1 food retailer in Thailand which is constantly improving and excellence in all aspects, with a goal to be the ultimate  Food Discovery & Destination under the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY to offer the best shopping experience every day. It has won numerous awards over the years, and recently received three prestigious awards from two international events, Top CEO 2022 and Top Brand 2022 – Supermarket from the Influential Brands Award 2022, and Convenience Retail Sustainability Award from the 2023 NACS Convenience Retail Award ASIA-PACIFIC.

Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer – Food Group, Central Retail, said that as a leader of food retail in Thailand, Tops never stops growing its business alongside building a strong brand image that is relevant and approachable for consumers. It has united all its food retail business models under one Tops brand, and launched new formats throughout 2022 to cater to all segments with Tops, Tops Food Hall, Tops Fine Food, and Tops CLUB, the first membership store which was a phenomenon in Thailand’s retail industry, taking shopping experience to another level by meeting the needs of consumers through Room Concept, modern innovation to maximize its services and offer more convenience so that customers can shop anywhere, anytime on the most complete omnichannel platforms. At the same time, Tops also focuses on improving the quality of life and building sustainability for people, communities, and the environment, true to Central Retail’s purpose to achieve Green & Sustainable Retail. With strong dedication and commitment to deliver the best to every customer, Tops has emerged as a successful brand in Thailand and been recognized with numerous awards in Thailand and globally.


Mr. Stephane said, “I am delighted and honored that Influential Brands recognizes the potential of Tops as a leader in sustainable growth and continuous success, deserving international recognition. Winning Top CEO 2022 recognition as the head of the Food business reflects my commitment in inspiring everyone in my team to overcome all challenges and lead our organization through any crisis. Tops’ position as the #1 food retailer in Thailand is also reaffirmed by us winning a Top Brand 2022 – Supermarket, which is a result of our dedication and customer-centric approach. The award guarantees that Tops is the #1 brand in the heart of our consumers.”


The Influential Brands Awards 2022 were given to outstanding organizations with brands that influence consumers the most, based on a survey by Influential Brands Singapore, a world-renowned company in research and consumer insight, and Neo Target, to gain feedback from Gen Y consumers in Thailand in order to research the market in six countries throughout Asia.


Additionally, reflecting its sustainability focus, Tops won a Convenience Retail Sustainability Award from the 2023 NACS Convenience Retail Award ASIA-PACIFIC, which was given to retailers whose business focus on sustainability and created shared value with people, communities and the environment. This reaffirms Tops’ social responsibility and its commitment to drive its business to improve the quality of life and reduce the gap in our society through four areas: social engagement, circular economy, sustainable energy, and product improvement for health and the environment. This is in line with Central Retail’s purpose as Thailand’s first  Green & Sustainable Retailer.


“Winning these three prestigious awards from global stages brings great pride to our organization and Tops employees. They reaffirm our success in constantly developing our business to earn trust from our consumers in Thailand and globally, and also encourage and motivate us to move forward as the ultimate  Food Discovery & Destination under the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY. We are a role model for growing business alongside driving the country’s economy, thereby improving the quality of life for people, communities, and the environment sustainably,” said Mr. Stephane.


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