Tourists return cursed rocks back to Koh Hin Kgam

Tourists from many nations around the world have mailed back rocks taken from the Koh Hin Knag Island in Satun Province after they decided to take souvenirs home. Tarutao National Marine Park Facebook page posted online about a mail envelope sent back to Thailand from the USA. The envelope was mailed back to the Island, inside was a letter attached.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


The letter stated “When my partner and I were on vacation last winter in the islands, we carried a pocketful of rocks off of the Koh Hin Ngam. Beautiful as it is, I know where it belongs and have since learned all about the islands beautiful stones and the curse they are associated with. 2019 has certainly been a rough year, filled with loss and I hope to start a new year fresh, with many things back….


Can you help me return it? I’m so sorry for disrespecting your beautiful park by taking something so special – it is much more beautiful on the island (smiley face). Thank you for your help and understanding.”


Ekkachai Muatchan from the National Marine Park reported that every month the Park receives multiple mail envelopes and boxes from countries around the world. All of the mails are to return rocks taken from the Koh Hin Kgam Island. The National Marine Park is grateful that tourists have the good intention to return the rocks back to where they came from. Although they realize that the reason is that the rocks are cursed by the Tarutao Islands.


The rocks are cursed that if anyone takes them away from the islands, the rocks will find a way to return back to its origin. The National Marine Park has put up a sign to not pick up rocks that are stacked on top of each other because it can cause a collapse and break other rocks nearby. The Park revealed that they have placed the rock back on the island. Some countries that have sent rocks back to the island include Malaysia, China, and the USA. Most tourists will pick up pretty rocks from the Koh Hin Kgam Island without thinking much about it. These rocks are very unique when the seawater splashes on the rocks they glisten with colorful shine. This year about 30 rocks have been mailed back so far.


FB Caption: “Beautiful as it is, I know where it belongs and have since learned all about the island’s beautiful stones and the curse they are associated with.”


Source: INN News