Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Methods to Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Lowering your blood sugar is something that everyone can do by visiting a clinic that specialises in preventative medicine and following the instructions of your health care professional. All it takes is a bit of discipline to avoid old habits and replace them with a newer and healthier daily regimen.

The key is to combine exercise with focusing on your intake of food and drink. Exercise helps you burn off unwanted calories that get transformed into sugars and raise your blood sugar levels. Just half an hour a day of moderate exercise that raises your heart rate is enough for most people of average weight to maintain their health.

Manage Your Carbohydrates

Many people get used to a particular way of eating that can lead to bad habits and potentially to diabetes if the habits aren’t corrected in time. Constant snacking while you work, or watch TV, means you’re not paying attention to your eating, and that can be a problem.

When we’re young, our bodies generally can forgive bad eating habits. But when we start to age, bad habits start to add up and cause an impact on our health. Eating habits that include snacking at all hours on carbs, like chips, breads and pastries, can lead to your body being unable to maintain a healthy, low level of glucose in your blood because it’s constantly being bombarded by all these carbs.

Get in the habit of being aware of how many carbs you need on a daily basis and counting your carb intake throughout the day. You may find that you have to stop yourself from reaching for the snacks to stick to your limits. But by lowering your blood sugar by sheer willpower, you’ll begin to develop healthier eating habits and reduce your risk of contracting diabetes.

Increase Your Consumption of Fibre

Fibre acts as a preventative in carb digestion and the absorption of sugar. It allows the body to handle a slower rise in blood sugar levels after meals. Of the two kinds of dietary fibre, soluble and insoluble, soluble has been clinically proven to improve blood sugar levels.

Soluble fibre is present in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. You should be consuming about 25 grams of fibre a day if you’re a woman and 38 grams if you’re a man.

Learn About the Glycaemic Index

Another way to avoid having to be lowering your blood sugar is to keep it low in the first place. By eating foods that are low on the glycaemic index, you can reduce your risk of getting diabetes and not have your blood sugar levels rise drastically throughout the day.

Foods on the low end of the glycaemic index include grains like barley, bulgur, oats and wheat. They also include legumes, beans and lentils. Non-starchy, green vegetables are also included, as is unsweetened yoghurt.

Getting used to checking the glycaemic index of all the foods you like to eat can steer you toward a healthier diet and enable you to lower your blood sugar naturally by restricting high-glycemic foods from your diet.