3 persons dead so far in rabies outbreak

NORTHERN Chiang Rai province is now among the 13 provinces where an outbreak of rabies is raging with this having already killed 3 persons, The Thai-language daily Matichon reported this morning (March 6).

Chiang Rai’s Livestock Development officials are quickly propagating information on ways to prevent rabies from spreading to humans and how they could protect themselves.

Mr Nopporn Mahakantha, on official at Chiang Rai Livestock Development office, said his province was declared a rabies zone after the disease was found in 4 villages.

The main factor leading to the spread of this disease in that owners of pet dogs and cats have not been getting them vaccinated at the appointed time.

Moreover they are left to roam around and these pets are easily able to cross the border and pick up diseases, he added.

He warned people to take care of their pets because rabies is a dangerous disease which can lead to death and as yet there is no medicine to treat it.


Top: A pet dog which is free of rabies. Photo: Matichon