5 family members infected with Covid-19 in fresh market – Phetchabun

All members in a family confirmed positive with Covid-19 from a fresh market in Phetchabun Province. The municipality has given orders for the market to temporarily close down and to sanitize the area. Over 500 persons are considered high risk after coming into contact with the virus at the market. Khaosod News Team reported on 9 August 2021 that the municipality of Phetchabun City has sanitized the fresh market after a market vendor tested positive for Covid-19. Other family members were tested and they all tested positive for the virus. 



Local officials have sanitized the market to make sure that the area is safe to visit for vendors and customers. Seksan Niyonpeng the Mayor stated on the 8th that he received notification from Phetchabun Hospital on 5 persons who tested positive for Covid-19 in the city. One of them works at the local market and the others are his family members. All 5 members visited the market on 2-5 August 2021 to all help in the business. They all started developing symptoms and decided to get tested for Covid-19. The tests then all came back positive. The Phetchabun Hospital notified the mayor and the market was closed down right away. All vendors in the market have received notification about the cases. Vendors and locals have registered to get tested for Covid-19. 



Those who realize they have visited the market on the dates above can register to get tested through the Phetchabun City Facebook Page or call 056-711-007. The city will provide tests for anyone who visited the market or came into contact with the family members. The testing will take place on 11 August 2021 at the Phetchabun Cultural Center. The Municipality Fresh Market will close the market from 10-11 August 2021. The market will be cleaned on both days to help provide comfort to locals. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Those who realize they have visited the market can register to get tested 


Source: Khaosod