6-wheeler stuck to power lines, driver in flames falls on the road.

A 6-wheeler got stuck to power lines above the road, and electricity caused the wheels to start burning. As the driver tried to escape for his life and when his feet touched the ground he went up in flames. The man fell to the ground but then collected all the energy he had left to crawl out of the area. Officials at the Vichit Police Station received a notification on 20 August 2020 about a critically injured driver that was electrocuted at the Chaofa Intersection in Vichit Sub-district, Phuket City. 


Officials discovered that the 6-wheeler had a metal structure about 2.5 meters high above the truck. The end of the structure had hooked onto high voltage power lines that were hanging above the intersection. Piya Pumnuan was the driver and another passenger was inside the truck but had managed to jump out without getting electrocuted. CCTV in the area showed the Victor 500 6-wheeler with a Bangkok license plate driving from Phuket City heading into Chalong Sub-district. It was a red light at the intersection, the truck slowly stopped and the structure hooked onto the power lines. 


The footage showed the truck go on fire including the wheels. Piya quickly opened the door and stepped onto the road. As soon as his foot touched the ground Piya went into flames before he fell to the ground. The passenger in the truck followed behind and jumped out from the driver’s side, he managed to jump out far enough and was not electrocuted. He later returned to help pull Piya out of the area. Before the friend could do so, the front right wheel on the driver’s side exploded injuring Piya even more. Piya tried his best to crawl out of the area, he had no energy left and ended up rolling to the next lane. The friend and a good citizen helped carry Piya to the side of the road. Officials were notified and Piya was delivered to the hospital. Officials from the Electricity Authority cut the power off and moved the truck off the main road. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The structure of a 6-wheeler hooked onto high voltage power lines above an intersection. 


Source: Sanook