75-year-old man swallowed nails in suicide attempt.

A 75-year-old man swallowed multiple nails in a suicide attempt due to Covid-19 related stress. Doctor Santi Sukwan from the Damnoen Saduak Hospital revealed a surgical case after a male patient came to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. The patient received an X-ray showing 4 and 2-inch nails in his stomach and a steel wire in his large intestine. He was immediately placed in the surgery room. After almost an hour the medical team finally removed the nails and steel wire out of his body on 28 January 2021.



The patient has been under stress related to the current Covid-19 situation. He felt like there was no way out other than the attempt to take away his own life. He swallowed nails that were up to 4-inch long and a 4-inch steel wire. The patient stated to the medical personnel at the hospital that he had swallowed these items and started to develop severe abdominal pain so he decided to visit the hospital. During the first night he was not experiencing any pain at all. Doctors decided to give the man an X-ray confirming what he said was true. The nails and steel wire was stuck inside his stomach and large intestine, not able to move down the digestive tract.



The doctor states that he wishes to warn all persons with an elderly in their family to please take care of them. Stress can affect the elderly just like people of all ages, with high pressure they can have depression or start to consider suicide. In some cases, those who swallow nails or other dangerous objects will not survive even after receiving medical care. Some patients get intestinal perforation or develop a severe infection that can lead up to death. The 75-year-old received surgery to remove the nails from his stomach and large intestine. 2 of the nails were located near the appendix so the medical team decided to also remove the appendix while in surgery.


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FB Caption: The patient has been under stress related to the current Covid-19 situation.


Source: Sanook