Latest Fake Covid-19 news.

The current Covid-19 situation has not calmed down and numbers continue to rise. Along with every global event there are fake news that spread false information. Fake news creates confusion that leads to misunderstanding real information. INN News revealed the latest fake Covid-19 news.



  1. Daily symptoms of Covid-19.

This news claims that there are clear symptoms of Covid-19 that develop according to the date. The fake news states that Covid-19 cases will have cold like symptoms, a sore throat, and no fever in the first 3 days. Then on the 4th date you will start having throat pains until the 9th date. This information is not true and was not given by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). The people are advised to focus on symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, sore throat, and a lost of taste. Also keep up with the news to see areas in which Covid-19 cases have been found.


  1. Andrographis Paniculata can prevent Covid-19.

The plant cannot prevent covid-19. This fake news has resulted in a boost in sales of the herb. There is no proof towards the claim. The herb can be used to help recover after infection, but it cannot prevent infection. Using the herb can also take a toll on your liver and kidneys.



  1. At home Covid-19 Rapid Tests

Many people have searched for at home Covid-19 tests after hearing that there are Rapid Tests available for sale. The MOPH has reported that results can be false, and it is illegal to sell Covid-19 at home testing kits.


  1. Showering in 41 Celsius water temperature will protect you from Covid-19.
  2. Using salt to wash your mouth will kill the virus.
  3. Lime juice can kill the virus and cure cancer.
  4. Pfizer researcher revealed getting the Pfizer vaccine will kill you.


It is extremely important consider whether the news you read or hear is true or not. Always check the source of the information. This is for your own safety and others. Fake news can result in fear amongst the people.



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Source: INN News