Boy with stomach ache dies after waiting for hours in hospital

A BOY with a bad stomach ache which turned out to be a ruptured artery died after a nurse at Phra Chom Klao Hospital in Petchaburi left him waiting for hours for medical treatment, INN News said today (July 22).

Public Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Sophon Mekthon confirmed that this is what happened and that he rushing to determine why this boy died and if nurses and the hospital staff were responsible for any wrongdoing then disciplinary action will be taken according  to section 41 of the National Health Insurance System.

A Facebook user by the name of @Nu-sajee Kornrawee shared a post about this tragedy saying “remember this is something that shouldn’t happen.”

According to the post this boy first went to the emergency room at Cha-am Hospital but was transferred to Phra Chom Klao Hospital in Petchaburi yesterday morning (July 21).

Once there a nurse told him to wait but his stomach hurt so bad he later fell from the chair after going into a shock with his face also having swollen up.

The hospital then quickly gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and he revived but it was only at this point that his pain was checked and an x-ray taken with a doctor then stating that a main stomach artery had ruptured.

Later the boy fell unconscious again and the doctors pumped his heart but this time he did not revive and died.


Top: Pixelated images of the boy who died due to a severe stomach problem. Photo: INN News


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