Chiang Mai prepares to close down Covid-19 field hospital.

Doctor Worachet Techarak the director of Nakornping Hospital in Chiang Mai Province reported on 10 December 2021 plans to close down the field hospital intended to treat Covid-19 patients as numbers of cases are decreasing. The field hospital is currently set up at the The International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The plan is to return the center back to its original form on 15 December 2021 as long as there are less than 100 new Covid-19 cases in Chiang Mai per day. 


During the past week, the field hospital has closed down the ICU for severe Covid-19 cases or those considered as a red case. The doctor reveals that the number of remaining patients are also decreasing daily, currently at 20-30 patients per day. If the numbers continue as they are, there are good hopes that the province will return to normal. After closing down the field hospital there is strong confidence that the main hospitals have the full ability to accept both red and yellow Covid-19 cases. Hospitals in the province have added extra beds and medical equipment in preparation. 


There are currently 80 red cases but patients are slowly making full recovery from the virus. Each case takes some time to heal and the main goal is to decrease the number of new cases per day. When numbers are lower than 300 cases per day then there is no need for a special field hospital. The hospital director wants to inform others that the main goal is for locals to get vaccinated. With the right protection those who do get infected will likely develop minor symptoms or none at all. Only yellow and red cases are required to be admitted into a hospital. 


The latest information on Covid-19 in Chiang Mai on 9 December 2021 comes in with 91 new cases, there are a total of 27,506 cases and out of the number 25,505 cases have made a full recovery. 1,823 are receiving medical care and 75 are considered red cases. The total number of deaths in the province related to Covid-19 is 141 deaths. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: If the numbers continue as they are, there are good hopes that the province will return to normal.


Source: Sanook