Clinic found using illegal silicone, already in 1,600 patients.

A plastic surgery clinic has been found using illegal silicone, this is unregulated silicone. The clinic has already used the same silicone in over 1,600 patients. The clinic ordered the silicone from an illegal factory in Suphan Buri Province. Police have already found the factory and the story was recently on the news. The clinic ordered a large stock to their head office before distributing it to over 30 branches across Thailand. Doctor Paisarn Dankum from the Food and Drug Administration along with related officials reported the discovery on 16 January 2023. Dr. Paisarn stated that this story follows the discovery of an illegal surgical silicone factory on 20 December 2022. 



The factory was found to manufacture silicone for many plastic surgery clinics in the country. Investigation revealed that the clinic has ordered silicone from the factory. There is proof showing payment in 2022 from the clinic to the factory for over 2 Million THB. In 22 December 2022, police went to inspect a branch in Bangkok and a building used to store surgical equipment. An employee in the building admitted that the silicone has been sent to over 30 branches across the country as ordered by management. 



On the 12th of this month 6 storage locations were inspected, all had illegal surgical silicone that did not meet medical standards. In total there were 12,282 nose silicones, 2,775 forehead silicones, 1,107 silicones, and 1,955 other illegal items. Together they are worth more than 2,932,000 THB. The cost of these silicones are 60-80 THB per piece and the plastic surgery procedures are sold to customers at the price of 4,900-50,000 THB. These clinics have already performed 1,436 nose jobs, 154 chin enhancements, and 31 had both procedures done at the same time. This is a total of 1,621 procedures using unregulated silicone pieces. 32 branches of the clinic have also advertised without permission. 



FB Caption: These silicones have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, manufactured by an illegal factory in Suphan Buri. 


Credit: Khaosod


Source: Khaosod