Doctor issues warning about second-hand clothes

WITH the start of the cool season and demand rising for warm clothes a doctor in eastern border Sa Kaeo province today (October 29, 2018) warned the public about buying and wearing second-hand apparel as they could carry germs from the previous owners, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

Dr Supachoke Vejphanphaesak, based at Sakaeo Provincial Health Office, said second-hand clothes are becoming more popular in this country and the largest stocks are to be found at Rong Kluea Market near the Thai-Cambodian border in Aranyaprathet district.

Lots of traders and tourists flock here every day to buy these used clothes with the former distributing them nationwide.

While some of the clothes are rejected at the factory, most are second-hand apparel of famous to high-street brands in good condition and also very beautiful and fashionable. Most importantly, they are cheap.

This has led to increased demand for these used clothes but the buyers do not seem to care where they came from and whether the previous owner was suffering from skin or other diseases.

“I suggest that these second-hand clothes be washed many times before they are worn. Wash them with detergent and then hang them out to dry in strong sunlight to allow ultraviolet rays to kill the germs,” Dr Supachoke advised.


Top: Second-hand clothes for sale at the huge Rong Kluea  market near the Thai -Cambodian border at Aranyaprathet. Everyday people from Cambodia cross the border with pushcarts and scooters with side cars loaded with their goods to sell them just a few meters over the Thai border. Photo: Drewes Zuur