Doctor tells patient “Come back when you’re almost dead”.

A video went viral online showing the moment when a patient was chased to go home by a doctor. The doctor stated, “Come back when you’re almost dead”. The incident took place at an emergency room at a local hospital in Chiang Dao District, Chaing Mai Province. The person who recorded the video was the daughter of the patient. The patient decided to visit the hospital with a fever, stomach ache, shivering and had a hard time breathing. They arrived at the emergency room at 1 am but the doctor would not provide medical care. Not only did he refuse to see her, but the doctor also chased the patient away. 



This is the moment when the daughter started recording. The doctor walked out of a room and started asking where the patient was. He then said, “Can you still walk? If you still can then go home”. After hearing this the daughter responded, “Do you need my mother to die first?”. They arrived at the hospital and never got to meet the doctor until the moment he came out to chase the patient away. After hearing the response the doctor then stated “Come back when you’re almost dead”, “This is not an emergency, an emergency is when you can’t breathe, almost dead, or giving birth to a child, and that’s it”. 



The full video is about 6 minutes long posted by the daughter. The post captioned “This is not the Mae Tang Hospital, I am very sorry that I said the hospital’s name wrong in the video. I was angry and that made me say the wrong name. Those who have visited this hospital will know exactly which one it is. If you are a doctor but you have no love for treating patients then you should stop being a doctor. This video was taken at 1 am on 31 October 2021. If anyone has met this doctor before please share your experience”.



Jantra Sangjan 29 years old gave an interview to Sanook news. Alama Sangjan 59 years old the mother was sick. They tried to take care of her at home but nothing helped. As Jantra walked into the hospital an employee stated there is no doctor. Jantra started looking for the doctor and found him in the emergency room. The doctor asked if her mother could walk and if she could then go home. The doctor did not even see her mother yet but already decided to refuse treatment. The video recorded what happened after the doctor walked out of the emergency room. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The doctor refused to examine Jantra’s mother before even meeting her. 


Source: Sanook