DPM apologizes for lashing out at Farangs.

Anutin Charnvirakul The Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister apologized on Facebook after lashing out at foreigners while giving out free masks at BTS Skytrain Siam Station. Twitter user Saksith Saiyasombut  @SaksithCNA posted on 7 February 2020 a video of Anutin after some foreigners wouldn’t accept the free medical masks and refused to wear the masks.


Credit: Prachachat.net
Credit: Prachachat.net


Anutin stated “These Farang tourists, this needs to be told to the embassies and citizens. Refusing to wear a mask, won’t accept these free masks, they need to be kicked out of Thailand. We can’t just focus on the overall image of the nation. These tourists won’t even accept the masks handed to them for free. They show no understanding of the current situation. Chinese and Asians understand well what is happening. These Europeans, how can you know that they’re not the ones spreading the virus, maybe they went somewhere before coming into Thailand. Us Thai’s have to help each other and if you meet people like this kick them out of the country”.


The DPM later apologized to his outburst on Facebook beginning with the current Coronavirus situation “We are working hard and doing our best. Right now we have controlled the situation, better than many nations because we realized the issue and started working right away. The results have been good and complemented by health experts around the world. This is thanks to the people that are cooperating with recommendations from the Ministry of Public Health.


An important fact is that the media has greatly helped by providing accurate information to the public. The people understand the situation and many have joined in the battle against fake news aimed towards confusing the people. We have done good but we need to be even better. We must not neglect the safety of all lives in Thailand”.


He then apologizes for the outburst “I apologize for the outburst towards some European foreigners. They acted disgusted at Thai’s that were wearing masks and refused to accept or wear masks while we were campaigning on how to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus in Thailand. We never know if the foreigner was somewhere else before coming to Thailand and the risks that they have.  We expect cooperation and respect in preventing the spread of the virus, not waving their hands and looking at citizens with disgust, as I was treated today. Thank you and I apologize to all foreigners that have cooperated in preventing the spread of the virus”.


FB Caption: The tourists refused to accept or wear the masks, they waved and looked at Anutin with disgust.


Source: Sanook, Prachachat.net,