Fake News advising borax as a health supplement.

As useful as the internet is, there continues to be fake news and wrong advice floating online. This wrong advice if followed can result in danger including against your health. The sad news is fake news is often believed to the extreme and people do follow these strange recommendations. One of the latest bad pieces of advice that can be found on the Thai online world are posts claiming that eating borax can help benefit your health. The warning was posted by a famous Facebook Page “Doctor Lab Panda”. 



The post stated “There are groups that are inviting people to use borax. Many have fallen victim to and purchased borax in bottles from these groups. Usually, there are food safety regulations prohibiting the use of borax in eggs. These groups are not mixing the borax with food but are recommending others to mix borax with water as a drink. When there are comments in these groups warning others against it, they receive backlash and are called stupid. A popular argument is comparing borax to alcohol. The advice claims that drinking borax every day will help improve your health. I’m sure I will receive negative comments from this post”. 



Borax has a scientific name for Sodium Borate. It is often referred to as the crunchy powder in Thailand. It is a white powder, has no scent, and can dissolve in water. When consumed borax is dangerous. Your body can get fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, and is harmful to your kidneys and brain. Symptoms depend on how much borax you consumed. It’s true that the persons in the group will not feel the results right away. But, as time moves on they will surely get reverse health effects. Please be careful and warn your loved ones against this bad internet advice. Many of these groups are also selling borax but it is already available on the market for cheap often used in household cleaning. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The groups sell bottled borax with claims of improving your health. 


Source: Khaosod