Family with Covid-19, hundreds now in high-risk, Krabi

A family living in the same household has been infected with Covid-19, travel history reveals that one had just returned to Krabi from Phuket. Officials are now searching for hundreds in Plai Phraya District, Krabi Province. There are 3 members of the family infected, a girl in the family came back to visit the family from where she was working on Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket Province in March. She then returned back to Phuket and tested positive for Covid-19. When other members of the family heard the news they were terrified.


The first girl had spread the virus and 2 of her sisters later tested positive for Covid-19. Out of the 3 girls, 2 are hospitalized at the Phuket Hospital and the other is at the Plai Phraya Hospital. With the addition of the 3 girls, Krabi now has 10 Coronavirus cases. Officials from the local Ban Talae Hoi Sub-district health office in Plai Phraya District went to visit the home for 2 days on 17-18 March 2020. Officials investigated the travel history of all 3 girls.


Officials revealed that from the search there are at least 80 people that have come into contact with the girls. All members of 20 families are now considered as high risk, thankfully all of the locals are working with the officials to prevent further spread of the virus.


Credit: Sanook


Out of the group of high-risk families, 2 individuals are under a close watch which includes the husband of one of the girls. Further investigation will be required to find people who have come into contact with the husband and hundreds are expected to belong in the high-risk group. The local temple at Wat Ban Talae Hoi Temple has offered to use the temple as a quarantine space for those in the high-risk group.


FB Caption: There are hundreds in the high-risk group, after 2 sisters in Krabi were infected by a family member that came to visit from Phuket.


Source: Sanook