Field Hospital chases away Covid-19 patient.

A field hospital chased away a 22-year-old Covid-19 patient and told her to go where she was infected. A famous Facebook page in Thailand named “Here you get famous returns part 3” in Thai shared the story online. The woman tested positive for Covid-19 and went to a field hospital in Phetchabun Province but was denied medical care. The post stated “A local news source sent in this story, a problem that is waiting to be solved. About 9 pm a woman with Covid-19 lives in a household that is not fit for isolation. She tried contacted related sectors to receive medical treatment. 


Credit: Sanook


She went to the local municipality field hospital but someone at the field hospital stated to her “Not accepted, whatever you did, wherever you got infected, go back there”. If it was me I would choose to not get any medical care and travel all over without telling anyone I had Covid-19. Well I tried getting care, even if it was for my own benefit but it is also keeping others safe. You dont have to track me down, because I wouldve entered the system rightfully. At around 10 pm relatives went to the field hospital. One of the officers at the center called me and asked what to do. I told him to let her in to rest and we could figure what happens next later. If there was drama from this then i would take responsibility”. 



The post also touched on a few more related issues and credited Phetchabun Banrao News. The owner of the story is Surachat Muengpae the principle at the local health office in Chondan District, Phetchabun Province. The woman is a university student. At this university students receive ATK tests every week and she tested positive along with 5 other friends. The 4 other friends are receiving medical care at the field hospital located in their home area. When the woman went to her field hospital she was denied and told to return wherever she was infected with the virus. When Surachat was notified of the news he felt extremely sorry for her and referred her to the Chondan field hospital for medical care. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The woman was denied medical care at her local field hospital. 


Source: Sanook