First Omicron case in Thailand – Timeline

The first Omicron case in Thailand has been found, the case flew in from Spain and Dubai, and has come into contact with 19 others. The timeline of the case has been revealed. The case also joined the Test&Go project which does not require you to quarantine. Doctor Opas Karnkawinpong, Director-general of the Department of Disease Control reported on 6 December 2021 that there has been a discovery of the Omicron variant in Thailand. The case is an American citizen traveling in from Spain. Currently the Omicron variant has not resulted in any deaths and is believed to be much less severe than the Delta variant.


Credit: Sanook


The variant was first found in South Africa as numbers of cases increased during October to November. A new variant was found as a result of virus mutation. The information was reported to WHO as a warning for other nations to be aware. The Omicron variant has been found previously in 46 nations, setting Thailand as the 47th nation with an Omicron case. The US citizen lived in Spain for 1 year as a businessman. He has no health issues and showed no symptoms of the virus. The man received one dose of J&J vaccine in the USA. 19 persons have come into contact with the man, 17 from the hotel, and 2 from the airport. From this number there are no persons considered as high risk. 



The man received a PCR test in Spain on 28 November 2021 with negative results. He then went to dinner with a friend who is currently well. On the 29th he flew from Spain and transited in Dubai for 9 hours, during this time he didn’t talk with anyone and always wore a mask. On the 30th he flew from Dubai to Bangkok and received a drive through test at a hospital before checking into the hotel (Test&Go project). On 1 December 2021 he was notified of a positive result from the test and on the 3rd a sample was sent to the Department of Medical Sciences. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The man joined the Test&Go project that gives him exemption from quarantine. 


Source: Sanook