Flu warning issued in the North

THE Director of Phayao Hospital, in northern Phayao province, issued a health warning after her hospital saw a 15% increase in the number of patients suffering from flu and other respiratory conditions amid the current variable weather, the Thai-language Matichon newspaper reported today (Jan. 19).

Dr Chitporn Phatnuphaporn said it is children, the elderly and those who already have respiratory problems who are at the greatest risk.

Should these people not see a doctor quickly enough, respiratory complication will set in and this could lead to breathlessness and end in shock.

Dr Chitporn mentioned that her hospital normally treats not less than 1,000 patients a day, but the number of patients has risen by 15%, and the overall situation now is not less than 1,500 patients a day.

She urged people to look after their health by exercising regularly, wearing many layers of clothes to keep warm amid the current variable weather, and most important of all to avoid all types of alcoholic drinks.


Top: A sick woman with pills and a thermometer. Photo: Matichon