Girl finds mold in food purchased from Suvarnabhumi

A girl shared her story online about an incident where she purchased food from a shop in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The food didn’t taste right at first, but when she decided to look inside she found something that was truly unexpected. The story is a warning to frequent travelers that just because the food is sold in a trustable location, make sure to check the condition before eating it.


A Facebook User posted on 25 November 2019 the picture of a sausage bread roll with mold inside. The girl also tagged the location at Suvarnabhumi Airport as proof that she really bought the bread from a shop at the airport. The post stated “My first meal on this trip, this is the end of my breakfast. So terrible I already took a bite”. Inside the plastic bag behind the bread roll was a receipt of the bread that cost 37 THB.


Credit: Kapook
Credit: Kapook


The post went viral almost instantly. A comment stated that in order for the bread and sausage to have so much mold it must’ve been sitting on the shelf for at least 5 days. Someone seriously needs to take responsibility because this could lead to serious sickness in people with low immune systems. One comment asked her, “What made you want to look inside?”  the post owner didn’t answer but another user suggested it might’ve been from a weird or rotten taste as the girl stated she already took a bite.




Another comment suggested that if the food had a full circle of mold in it then the fungal has grown throughout the whole bag and the food inside. This can lead to food poisoning and in worse cases can lead to death. He advised the girl to alert the media on the story so that someone can come out and take responsibility for what had happened. Turns out the internet had already alerted the media for the victim.  If it was in the USA, then this might have earned the girl some big cash. What would you do if you happened to take a bite of the moldy sausage?


FB Caption: There was mold all throughout the bread and the sausage.


Source: Kapook, Sanook