Glass in food injures young boy.

A Dad posted on his personal Facebook “Pichet Lakdee” about a piece of broken glass found in food at a famous restaurant. He was having a normal meal at the restaurant when his son’s tongue started bleeding. This is when his son spit out a piece of glass, things could have been much worse if the son accidentally swallowed the glass.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Pichet stated in his post “If you were at a famous restaurant and your son happened to bite a piece of glass that was mixed in the food and it stabbed his tongue, what do you think I should do? How should the famous restaurant solve the issue? and how can they improve the safety for their customers? This is extremely dangerous!!


Furthermore, the mall didn’t have any doctors in the clinic after 8 pm so I had to take my son to Phyathai 2 Hospital that night. Luckily he wasn’t bleeding much and I hate to think of the possibilities if he swallowed it. This happened on 1 September 2019 at a famous restaurant in Central Ladprao”.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


The dad also attached 4 pictures with the post. The first picture shows his son’s tongue, the second picture shows his son trying to spit out the glass, and the last 2 pictures showed the glass that looked like it was a piece of broken glass. There is still no update on how the restaurant took responsibility for the issue.


Netizens have shared the post over 2,000 times and many commented wanting to know the name of the restaurant. One comment stated “What did the restaurant do? Or did they do nothing at all?”. It’s sad to think about how the people involved in the preparation of food could be so negligent that a piece of glass was mixed in with the food. If something breaks inside the kitchen, then it should be cleaned up totally.


The restaurant looks like a Japanese dine judging from the dishes and the furniture in the photos. Hopefully, they take this as a lesson to re-organize and train their staff on food safety.


FB Caption: The son spit out a piece of glass, things could have been much worse if he accidentally swallowed the glass.


Source: INN News, Facebook Account: Pichet Lakdee