Groom positive for Covid-19, 200 guests with no masks in wedding.

A groom has tested positive for Covid-19, the recent wedding had 200 guests, and no one was wearing a mask. The groom is a police officer from Sa Kaeo Province who got married with the daughter of a district chief in Buriram Province. The groom tested positive for Covid-19 and the guests have rushed in to get tested at the Municipality. A Facebook page named “Nang Rong Ban Ang” from Nang Rong District in Buriram posted “Anyone who joined the wedding at Wek Hall in Nang Rong School on 3 April 2021 will need to quarantine and get tested for Covid-19. The groom has tested positive, and he received the test in Sa Kaeo. The family members have all received their tests and are in quarantine. Apologies to all guests in the wedding” the post was published on 7 April 2021.



The people of Nang Rong were shocked. Guests at the wedding all rushed to get tested at the municipality where the provincial hospital was providing Covid-19 testing. The wedding took place between a police officer and the Nang Rong District Chief’s daughter. The wedding was very large and no one was wearing a mask in the ceremony. They all had a of fun including the bride and groom’s families. The news was first revealed by the district chief after he heard the test was positive.



The district chief and the bride revealed the groom traveled into the province in preparation for the wedding on the 1st of April. Right after the wedding took place on the 3rd he traveled back to work in Sa Kaeo. When the groom arrived back in his province a guest in the wedding informed them that everyone who went to a restaurant in Sa Kaeo needed to get tested for Covid-19. The groom visited the certain restaurant so got tested. Results came out positive, the groom called his father-in-law to notify all guests at the wedding.



FB Caption:  The bride was the district chief’s daughter and the groom was a police officer.


Source: Sanook