Hand Foot and Mouth disease spreading in Lampang!

The weirdly named disease: Hand Foot and Mouth disease is spreading throughout Lampang with over 604 victims and counting. Most of the victims are young children, mainly those attending public schools. Dr. Prasert Kijsuwarn from Lampang’s Ministry of Public Health stated to Workpoint news that the change of weather from the raining season to the cold season has continued the spread of the Hand Foot and Mouth disease across Lampang (November 5, 2018).



There are currently 604 young victims to this disease. Dr. Prasert advises parents to help keep a close watch to what their child eats and to always wash children’s hands after going outside of the house. The best protection against the disease is to cook food at boiling temperature and to consume fresh while using separate appliances at the dining table. If possible, disinfect any toys and clothes that the child uses every day to kill any possible germs and viruses that attach themselves to the child’s items.



Photo : Workpoint News

If any symptoms of the disease are found, immediately bring your child to the nearest hospital to protect against the disease spreading. The beginning symptoms of the disease include a fever like state, then slowly blisters will show up on the hands and feet with sores in the mouth, causing pain all over the body. The danger of the Hand Foot and Mouth disease lies in the possible complications of the disease that includes Encephalitis, myasthenia gravis, myocarditis, and in worse case death.




Parents need to keep a close watch on children that have the disease as the blisters that show up throughout the body and inside the mouth is not a sign of worse or better complications. The first two weeks after becoming sick is the most dangerous period that requires the most attention. During these two weeks, children should be cared for at home to prevent any further spread of the disease. Signs that require immediate medical attention as it may point to worse complications include severe headaches, a lack of hunger, neck pains, confusion, nausea, coughing, and trembling in the hands or body.


FB Caption: Over 604 children infected with the dangerous disease.  

Source: Workpoint News, Bumrungrad hospital

Cover Photo : CharlesFred on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA