Herbal cure for cancer now up for sale

AFTER giving his herbal medicine to terminally-ill cancer patients free of charge for more than 13 years, Saengchai “Mor Saeng” Haelerttrakul, is ready to begin distributing his herbal medicine in the form of food supplements under the brand “M-herbs” – both for free and for sale.

Mor Saeng (Mor in Thai means doctor), who has no training as a physician, told reporters at his resident in Prachin Buri this morning (Sept. 17, 2018) a Bangkok-based firm that makes herbal products would on October 6 begin distributing the food supplements.

The M-herbs will be in all-white capsules rather than the white-blue capsules previously used for free distributions for over a decade.

The announcement was made after he has reached a deal with Nature Herbs International Holding, whose chief executive Nanthawan Jitparpan said M-herbs would be available at an affordable price to make sure everyone can buy them. The price has not been set so far.

She said the company agreed to support Mor Saeng’s intention to continue distributing M-herbs free of charge on a monthly basis.

“We will also help him gain international recognition for his knowledge based on Thai wisdom about herb-based healthcare.”

Mor Saeng stressed that M-herbs will be available only at NatureHerbInter.com and via the firm’s mobile phone application and nowhere else. The product will be sold in white boxes of 12-cap blister packs, while others will be given away by Mor Saeng in a box with red mark containing 10 capsules.

Mor Saeng has been in the news for quite some time as on the first Sunday of every month, thousands of people queue in front of the house in Prachin Buri for what is believed to be a herbal cure to cancer.

He himself and his close friends, who act as sponsors and have for over a decade helped support him financially, are now feeling the pinch. “We are now at the end of the road,” he said in his recent Facebook Live netcast last week.

He estimated the number of recipients to be about 5,000 each month receiving a pack of 10 capsules of medicine from him. “But because these patients come to my place with their relatives, there are really big crowds,” he said.

Most of the patients were terminally ill and had been told by doctors at hospitals to return home because they could no longer be treated as they had reached the final stage of the illness. For these patients, Mor Saeng’s herbal medicine was the last option.

He said he has seriously studied herbs, though, and has herbal formulas from a Cambodian doctor. They can be used to treat a swollen brain and liver abscesses, etc.

He said he had experimented with the formulas and tried to improve them on his own, initially by treating sick cats and dogs.

After years of experiments with encouraging results, he started distributing the herbal mixtures to terminally ill patients.

Word-of-mouth had since spread that his herbal concoctions could fight cancer.

“If you ask me, I can tell you that people who come to me are looking for a last hope. They are terminally ill patients who now just receive palliative care,” he said.

The concoctions have apparently worked well for some patients, Mor Saeng said, with patients including people from all social classes and family backgrounds.

Only people who can produce doctor certificates stating that they have cancer can get the free herbal concoctions.

Mor Saeng said his mixture consisted of fermented rice bran, Smilacaceae plants, Smilax glabra, which is also known as Chinaroot, and pollen.

He added that he heard some patients have bought the herbal medical packs he distributed from others who had received them at a price as high as 5,000 baht.


Top: Mor Saeng, center, and Miss Nanthawan, left, at the press conference to announce the M-herbs today. Photo: Manager online

By Kowit Sanandang