Hospital to provide Covid-19 injections for Buddhist monks

Starting from May 18, 2021, the Buddhist Monk Hospital in Bangkok will provide injections for monks to prevent Covid-19.

Hospital Director Chamni Jittreeprasert said three groups of monks will get injections: Those over 60 years of age, those under 60 but have 7 types of disease, and those who live in risk areas, particularly in Bangkok.

Monks who need injections should call the following phone numbers: 02-640-9537, 02-354-4305 extension 5135 or 086-415-5986, 086-415-5988, 086-416-2037, 086-416-2047, 086-416-2215, 086-416-4306

After the injections, the monks must wear face masks, frequently clean their hands and practice social distancing.