Man returns to home province then straight to partying.

A man returned to his home province and did not self-quarantine, he jumped straight into partying and had spread Covid-19 to at least 3 persons. The man returned to Lampang province from Bangkok. He did not quarantine for 14 days and went to celebrate drinking with friends as soon as he arrived back in Lampang. Actions from people like him take advantage of others who take extra safety precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19. The man is 35 years old and works as a delivery driver for a private company. He went to stay with a relative in Bangkok on 19 June 2021 for 6 days. His timeline also shows the man went drinking with relatives in Rama 3 area, Bangkok. 



He then travelled back into Lampang by train on 24 June 2021 and was picked up by a friend. The man lives inside a home with 6 others. The next day after arriving in Lampang the man went back to work immediately. He did not quarantine as required by the province for 14 days and traveled in the main city of lampang. On 26 June 2021 he went drinking with 5 friends in front of a local convenience store. On 28 July 2021 he started developing symptoms that included muscle pain and diarrhea. He decided to stay home before receiving news that one of the relatives he was drinking with in Bangkok had Covid-19. The man went to get a Covid test at the Kohka Hospital. 



The man spread the virus to at least 3 others after arriving in Lampang. This includes his 54-year-old mother who works at a food center, a 5-year-old relative who is studying in Kindergarten 3 at a private school in Kohka District, and a 32-year-old friend that he went drinking with. Because of his actions there are at least 60 persons who are currently in quarantine as they came into contact with the man. The 5 year old relative went on a school van and came into contact with friends, teachers, and others. Many other students have had to go into quarantine. This is the first Covid-19 cluster in Lampang since the start of Wave 4. Locals have filed complaints asking officials to start a case against the man for his actions. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The man did not quarantine and went drinking with friends, he has infected at least 3 persons. At least 60 others are in quarantine as they came into contact with the man. 


Source: Sanook